Standing in the kitchen this morning I'm getting Kate's breakfast ready, boiling the eggs for this aftrnoons egg dying and flipping through yesterdays mail. (I'm a super multi-tasker.)
I'm scanning the Hospice of Pallative Care of Northeastern Illinois newsletter. There are always interesting tidbits of helpful information and it never ceases to amaze me the amount of services they provide to people at the end stages of life. I catch myself thinking about all the ways that Hospice helped us that last week and all the ways they have cared for Kate and I in the almost 13 months since Scotts death.
Opening the annual report I see a number that catches my breath.
That's the number of people that Hospice helped in 2011. There were 2,662 other people that were blessed with the loving care of Hospice's services.
And there was Scott. My Scott. My life. My baby girl. Me.

For those that knew him best, Scott was anything but a statistic. He was (and continues to be) our Scott.

This is the only picture I have of Scott on my iPad. But I wanted to include it for two reason.
1) we were being supported by Hospice when it was taken and
2) even 2 days before his death, in obvious pain, he was Scott. Silly, goofy, endearing, loving, kind...

Thank you Hospice. Next time I feel personally connected to your annual report I hope it's because I've won the lottery and have shared handsomely with you.

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