Thank You!

I've been compiling all the things I want to say about the big party. I decided that for tonight the thing I needed to say the most was,

thank you, gracias, dank u, merci, tanke, danke, shukriya, barkl.....

First off to my wonderful family - Mom, Dad, Aunt Lynn, Uncle LaVerne, Kris (imported for the party from beautiful California). I shall call them my party prep minions. They worked their butts off to get everything ready. In the 90 degree heat they worked tirelessly and didn't strangle me when the stress had me reaching my breaking point.

Second, to the back up minions - Josh and brother Justin, who acted as my legs and ran around for the final pick up items.

Third- Hawnkefunk - you boys rocked the stage. We were so grateful to have you spend part of your holiday weekend with us.
Special deluxe shout out to Mark Stevens for his rendition of the Pearl Jam song Just Breathe.
Hearing this song, in that moment means more to us than can ever be expressed in words. The photo of Scott and I posted yesterday was taken as we listened.

Mark, you gave us a moment together during all that madness to let the words spoken in this song wash over us. I cannot thank you enough. For many years to come I will hold that moment in my heart.

Forth- To all of our fabulous guests. So many people, it was overwhelming at times. So much laughter and love. I wish I could have spent more time with each of you. Sometimes in parties this size you end up feeling like you never got a good chance to visit with anyone. The few moments I had with all of you brings joy to my healing heart.
And all of the food! My goodness, we have quite the culinary group of friends. Thanks for sharing.

Fifth and most importantly - My husband and my beautiful daughter. It is for you that I breathe. Seeing the laughter and the tears on your faces made it all worth it.

photo credit to Scott Laudick

Praying for a quiet week with some much needed rest. Lots more photos to come.
If you took photos at the party please send them our way (email link on the left side of the screen). I'm making a photo book with all the pictures from the day. We know there will be more hospital days in our future and a huge book with all the snapshots from this glorious day will lift our spirits.


Oh Me Oh My!

What a fantastic day! I cannot say enough about how grateful Scott, Kate, and I are for having all of you come share the day with us.

I have lots to say but no energy to write it with. I've got photos pouring in (thank you, keep them coming). Here are two from the roughly 200 photos on my camera.

I chose these because I think they best capture the true meaning of today.
Love, happiness and family.

Thank you all for being a part of our family.

From every dark and stormy rain cloud comes a spectacular rainbow. At the end of that beautiful rainbow is a glistening pot of gold. Embrace the gold, let it feed your soul.


Who's Ready?

We are so very, very ready for tomorrows big celebration. Well, we will be...

Spent most of yesterday and today getting things ready. Took some time out yesterday to enjoy a family dinner and game night that was shared with a very dear friend that is in from out of town for the party. She's a little bit of a surprise for someone so I won't reveal her name.
Oooohhh the suspense. Can you feel it?

My fridges and freezers are bursting at the seams so I hope you're all hungry.

Miss K showed great restraint and stayed out of the bounce house today. Her mother did not. What can I say, I'm a child at heart.

I would like to thank all of the very nice gentlemen that offered assistance at the 7-11. Apparently chivarly is not dead and a woman loading 7 - 22lb bags of ice still warrants a "Can I help you with that?" or a "Here allow me."
I'm stupid so I didn't take any help, I never do. Plus, my kid weighs almost 40lbs and Scott weighs 140lbs and I pack them around. The ice was like a picnic in the park by comparison.
But, it was still very nice to have the kind offers. It helps restore my faith in humanity, especially the young men of the world.
I mean please, how am I supposed to take someone seriously when I can see his underwear? If he can't figure out that his pants are 5 sizes to large then how is he going to figure out any task I could possibly give him. Throw in the sloppy shoes and the tatoos and piercings and I'm not really sure there is any hope.

Wow, apparently I have some strong opinions on the men of my generation and the one following mine. I know you're all terribly surprised that I have an opinion on something.

Anyways, back to the point. Wait did I have a point? Hmmm....

Oh yeah, tomorrow is going to be super bad ass! We're so exccited. Can't wait to see everyone again or in some cases meet you for the first time.

Let the good times roll.....


Answers and a Winner

Winner -
Alli guessed it! You've got a sexy Visa giftcard waiting for you.

Scott got his new wheelchair. She's now been named "Sally" (Thanks Jay'me).
The chair is super sexy and it fits him terrific. There are a few manufacturer issues that we'll have to resolve but that's not a big deal.
I have a few photos but my computer is yelling at me tonight so y'all just have to wait.


Pets are welcome on Sunday. We ask that you use your best judgement in bringing them. If Fido has nipped at kids, men, ogres or randomly growls at trees then maybe Fido is best left at home. Assuming, you've had Fido with other dogs, kids, people and loud noise and he or she behaves than all are welcome.
Dog poop clean up gives me the skeevies so please clean up after Fido.

I'm hearing from a few neighbors that there are multiple parties happening on our little cul-de-sac on Sunday. Just a reminder to please be conscientious when parking. There is plenty of room for everyone and we can park on our front lawn if needed. Just make sure there is plenty of room for a firetruck to get down the street and we'll be all good.

Now kids, if you'll forgive me I have a missing document that must be found before I can sleep. So, I'll cut this love note short.


Contest Update

So far - no winner.

I'll give you a hint - it's black and we've been waiting for it for a long time.

First correct guess gets a Visa gift card.

Who wants it?
Just leave your best guess in the comments section.

*Disclaimer - Visa does not know me. They did not. sponser this contest. This contest prize was purchased with my own hard earned money and not part of a agreement with Visa. - end legal bullshit*


Contest Time!

Alright kids, it's been awhile but, here's a new contest.

The WWW got a new family member today. First correct guess on who or what it is wins.

I'm not sure what the fantastic prize will be but it's sure to be great!

Just enter your best guess in the comments section. Only one guess per person.

Ready.... set..... GO!


The Skinny

Sharpen your pencils and straighten your paper cause here comes "The Skinny".

We're now down to 4 days - The big day is Sunday May 30th.

We'll be firing things up around 3pm. I'm told that after 11pm the police officers will make us behave.
Those of you that know me really well, know that I don't like rules and I have a bad habit of breaking them. I'm just sayin'.

Food- food is good, we like it. We're throwing down some brats, hot dogs, and burgers. The grill(s) will be open if there is something special you wish to bring. There are some side dishes and desserts that are coming but more are always welcome.
Don't feel like cooking in this oppressive heat? Don't worry, just bring your smile and we'll fill your plate.

Beverages - The four biggies will be represented - Iced tea, lemonade, water, and of course beer. Want something special, bring it along. We won't even make you share if you don't want to. Scrooge

Directions - Google and Mapquest know how to find us. Should you have troubles or want to know something specific email me (email is on the right side of your screen, just click the link). If you're coming out of the City the Metra Northwest line is a great choice. Just get off on one of the Crystal Lake stops. There will be plenty of people here that can come pick you up.

What else can I tell you?

We'll be outside. There is a bounce house, face painting, volleyball net and some other family fun games. We'll have some sunscreen but bringing your own might be a good idea. We do have a huge tent that will be set up to give everyone a place out of the sun or rain should Mother Nature be mean.

Chairs, blankets etc. if you've got 'em - bring 'em. Again, we've got some so don't worry if you show up without, we've got you covered.

Music - Hawnkefunk is playing. I know that we have a very musical group of friends so if you want to join in and share your talents just let me know. There's plenty of stage for everyone.

Oh, almost forgot - Parking- we live on a quiet cul-de-sac. Let's be sure to be respectful of every ones yards when parking. It is important that you pull onto the grass so that a fire truck can get through the street but let's not be too rough. Keep the circle part of the cul-de-sac free of cars please. Again, a fire truck has to be able to get through. We really like our firemen and EMT's (they've been very good to us) so let's not piss them off, we may need them again.

Finally, and maybe the most important...
I really want to stress to everyone reading this that we want EVERYONE to come. You found this little blog somehow and that makes you part of the family. So, whether we just saw you last week, last month, 20 years ago or if we've never met, please, PLEASE come on by. This is a celebration of life, family and love. We embrace everyone.

So there you have it..."The Skinny"



I woke up two days ago and realized that somehow I must have slept through the end of May, all of June and July. I woke up sometime in mid August. I couldn't possibly see this on my dashboard in May!

*Forgive the crap cell phone picture* *and yes that is 4pm*

I'm certainly hoping that it's not that warm on Sunday. As Slightly Whacked said in the comments in the previous posts weather folks are saying 70's and partly cloudy. Let's all cross our fingers because 95 degrees with 100% humidity is NOT pleasant for an outdoor festival.

I'm also crossing my fingers that my bronchitis and sinus infection are all better. The four separate meds that doctor put me on today should take care of every bit of yuck that exists in my body.

My Grandma sent me a link to a Lil' Abner cartoon character Joe Btfsplk.
Joe and me... I think we were seperated at birth.

But you know what, nothing, NOTHING, will ruin my day on Sunday. I'm going to have my family, my friends and lots of fun. I'm so excited!


Silent Sunday - Lost Edition

From the long forgotten archives.

7 days people, 7 days!


S-U-C-C-E-S-S That's The Way We Spell Success

The garage sale was super fab. Made a few bucks, met quite a few nice people, many of them neighbors and most importantly I cleared out a bunch of stuff from my house! Yipppeee! I'm one happy lady.

It's nice to have that done and out of the way. It clears space (literally and figuratively) and makes way for plans for .......

Things are jumping into place. I'm super excited.
Hoping that none of us Witts are sick for the big show. I always get some type of bug when I travel and this time even my good deed didn't get me a free pass.
We're doing everything we can to keep Scott far, far away from my germies.

Three of my bestest girly friends have birthday's this week. Allison, Saskija and Jen are all 29 again. Let's all wish them Happy Birthday! Love Ya Girls!

I can see my future and it involves, sleep, cough medicine and a kick ass party in 8 days!


Can't Blog Now

I'm too busy playing with THIS

Talk about time suck.


Garage Sale-in'

As you all know we here at the WWW have a pretty nutty lifestyle. It seems like there is always something going on
From Prom
to parties
we're pretty busy people.

This weekend brings a WWW garage sale.
Yep, we've taken out all of our old junk, placed it neatly in the front lawn and are charging people to take our shit away. It's truly a work of beauty.

My mom has been a champion. She's been spearheading this little project of ours. Spending hours working her butt off to get things together. I certainly could not have pulled it off without her.
Our first day (of 3) went remarkably well. Got rid of some stuff, made a buck or two, managed a few laughs and there were no serious injuries; unless you count my mom's splinter.

Bonnie came to help offer her garage sale expertise.
My mom and Bonnie have been garage sale-in together (both selling and buying) since I was 4 years old. Figure out the math on your own, it's been a long damn time.
You see Bonnie is one of those friends that never fails. She's always there with a smile, a shoulder or a perfectly placed snarky comment to make you smile.

Seeing Bonnie reminded me that I never shared with all of you the tale of our crab dinner a few weeks ago.

You see, Bonnie,

was a constant visitor almost every Sunday while Scott was in the hospital. She promised Scott a crab dinner once he broke free.
Being a true New Yorker she never backs out of a deal.

She tried very hard to help Scott decide what to have for dinner.

She even called in for re-enforcements.

Ultimately leaving the difficult job of helping Scott decide what to eat, to the trained professionals.

Once the hard work was done. Bonnie and Scott colored a nice picture.

They worked very hard.

And were very proud of their hard work.

Bonnie is such a great friend she'll even wore a bib so that Scott wouldn't feel alone.

But in the end she was a very smart lady and got out of the way.

Bonnie is like so many of you that are reading this, she's a "lifer". She'll always have a place at the dinner table here in the WWW. We love us some Bonster.

Another shinning star amongst us, is Scott L.
Yesterday afternoon as I was filthy, covered from head to toe in dust, helping Mom sort the obscene amount of Kate clothes to sell, I get a text message
"Can I bring some dinner over?".

I swear I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I quickly said yes, I didn't want to give him a chance to change his mind.
A short while later Scott L. shows up with his two beautiful boys carrying homemade succotash (which was too die for) and some of the best chocolate cake ever made in the history of the world.

We are so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing, tireless friends. We're looking forward to spending the 30th with both our old friends and our new friends.

9 days to go!


When Bad Movies Become Reality

We're about 45 minutes into flight, the fasten seat belt sign is still lit but the very desperate have already begun to move about the cabin. I'm among those desperate people and I've already displaced the very nice man to my left. I've settled back into my seat and I'm reading on my eReader.
Nothing around me appears out of the norm. We've got a completely full flight, not a single empty seat. The person in front of me has already reclined their seat so far back that I can smell their Head and Shoulders shampoo, the obnoxious loud man behind me has already placed his foot, sans shoes and socks, between my seat at the seat next to me. All typical flying annoyances.

Out of the hum of chatter and the clicking of the keyboards comes a sentence I'll never forget.
"Are there any medical professionals, doctors, nurses on board. Please, we need anyone with medical training to step forward immediately."
The previously very calm flight attendants are reaching a state of panic.
Again, louder this time "we need anyone with medical training to step forward please." I look around and don't see anyone moving.
Before I know it I'm out of my seat and I'm climbing over the man next to me again.

In the aisle I run into two doctors (a husband and wife I later learn). We all reach the front row of cabin class at the same time.
Everything is running in a blur. I look down and see a man slumped in his seat covered in vomit.
In an instant I know this man is no longer with us. I've seen the blank look on his face more times than I care to recall.
The doctors and I exchange a look. It's the look of knowing. Knowing that no matter what we do there is no hope. We're defeated already and we haven't even begun.

In an instant the rest of scene comes into view. There is a lady standing next to the man. She's crying, hysterical, screaming. The flight attendants are trying to settle her but just don't know how.
Suddenly, I know what I'm doing up there.
I step past the doctors, push past the flight attendants and grab the lady by her arms. I push her backwards into first class. I stand between her and her husband. Blocking her view has gotten her attention.
I ask her every medical question I can think of "Has he been ill? Any known illnesses? What medications is he taking?"

Turning around to relay the answers to the doctors I see that help is needed to lay the man down.
Without thinking I reach down grab around his knees, the same way I do to help Scott transfer, and I lift the man to the aisle floor. I take the defibrillator kit from the flight attendant and pass it on to the doctors.

I'm helping the doctors get things set up so we can shock the man's heart, when I again hear the lady.
I abandon the doctors, we all know that what their doing is futile.

Turning back around I pull the lady into my arms.
I ask her her name. "Mayvel" she answers. I'm still not sure I heard her name correctly.

I ask if he is her husband. "Yes, yes he is. Can you fix him?"

I ignore the question and inquire about the trip they were taking. "We were visiting family and getting ready to go home. He said he felt like he had the flu this morning. Why won't he wake up?"

Again ignoring her question I ask how long they've been married. "42 years, were high school sweethearts. He's all I have. He can't leave me. He can't leave me like this."

Sensing her panic rising again I shift gears. I have her tell me about their first date. Strangely, she doesn't remember it. She tells me "He was just always there. He can't leave now".

I assure her that he is right there with her. I tell her that as sure as I am breathing I know that her precious Leotis reached into my soul and pulled me forward so that she would have a safe place to cry. I tell her over and over again that she is not alone, that he will not leave her.

I tell her that the sunshine on her face will be his smile and the wind in her hair will be his whisper. I tell her as many times and in as many ways as I can that even though he's gone, he'll never leave her.

Time is rushing by.
The doctors have attempted to shock him twice, both unsuccessful which we already knew.
The Captain has announced that we're making an emergency landing. I can feel that the plane is beginning to descend as I shift the weight in my legs so that I can hold both Mayvel and myself upright.
Flight attendants are rushing to relocate passengers so that Mayvel doesn't have to sit next to her now deceased husband for the landing.
The world is spinning and I'm standing, holding tightly to a woman I have never met and will probably never see again.

I keep her talking. I encourage her to tell me about the trips they've taken. "4 cruises, we've been on 4 cruises. They are my favorites. He's been so healthy, I don't understand."
I ask her if they have children. "No, no kids. It's just us. Only us. He can't leave me. I don't have anyone else."
We're now getting very close to landing. The flight attendants have moved around people in first class to accommodate Mayvel and the two other people she and her husband were flying with.

I hug Mayvel one final time and as I turn her over to the welcoming, warm arms of her family she stops me and asks me to say a prayer.
Without hesitation I offer her the best prayer I can. I hold her hands and pray that her beloved Leotis is welcomed into heaven. I pray that she finds ways to feel him in everything she does for the rest of her life. I pray that she find the courage, strength and grace that she will need in the days to come. And with one final "amen" I fasten her seat belt and walk away.

The plane has picked up speed. We're getting close to landing. I turn to the flight attendant "my seat is taken. Where shall I sit?" She motions to the seat next to the man. She asks if I mind. I assure her that I do not.

I take my new seat. Realizing that the man will surely fall out of the seat during landing I reach around him and fasten his seat belt.
I take the blankets from the ground and cover him as best as I can.
I can feel the ground getting closer. We're landing fast.
I reach up and throw my arm across the man's chest, holding him in place.
The move reminds me of the bad move that high school boys all across the world have attempted over and over again just to get a cheap feel of the girl in the seat next to them. I actually shake my head at this thought.

Finally on the ground, I realize that there is a man to my right as well. He's been talking to me but I haven't heard a word he's said.
As the world starts to slow again, I find myself chatting with the man to my right. It's that awkward, strained, stranger conversation. The kind of conversation you would have if you were stuck in an elevator with someone.

Bureaucracy, politics and stupidity take over and it takes over an hour to get the body off the plane.
I'm sequestered for questioning by the police, the airline and the airport.
I give my statement.
Over and over again I'm asked "where did you go to school?" My answer is the same every time "the school of hard knocks".

As we wait for the "powers that be" to figure things out, the other passengers start to talk.
Some give me praise.
It's praise that I don't want nor do I deserve.
I did not save that man. I did not bring him back to life. I did not keep that woman from losing her husband.
I don't say that though I just smile and quietly say "thank you".

Again comes the question "where did you learn to do that?". I answer again "the school of hard knocks."

I sit and picture all the faces that I've met in the last few years as Scott's disease has progressed.
All the people in the SICU waiting room, the patients so near death, the nurses that fight to save them, the doctors that work tirelessly to find the answers. I can see them all. But the face I see the clearest is Scott's, it just reaches out to me.

This woman that I've just met had 42 years with her husband. That same woman just tragically lost her husband at 30,000ft somewhere between their favorite vacation spot and their home outside of Detroit.
And yet I find that I envy that woman. 42 years, I would take that in a heartbeat.


My Dearest Blogger

Dear Blogger,
Eating the blog of a cranky, tired, overly emotional person is not a good idea.
It makes the afore mentioned person very stabby.
Knock it off.

Thank you.

The Stabby Bitch

Instead of the full blog I was planning. You're getting a photo, one of my favorites from the trip.

I took this while driving (safety is always my number one priority). I was just trying to shoot the sun orb and got a perfectly placed tree with it. I could never in a million years set up a shot like this.

I'm adjusting back to normal life.
Kate is wonderful, no side effects from my absence.
Scott is doing just fine. He was happy to have me home until I served him cereal for dinner. I'm thinking he's ready to have Rachel, my parents, BigDan and Kathy back on duty.
Too bad sucker, you're stuck with me :)
A fine example of how life is back to normal.


No Place Like Home

After a 3 hour delay I finally arrived home tonight. I had quite possibly the worst return flight ever.
A man on the plane died about 90 minutes into flight. I was part of the 3 person medical team that assisted in the attempted resuscitation. (Me and all my training in the school of hard knocks.) I'll be writing all about the ordeal and my resulting emotions but for now, I shall sleep. Exhaustion has set in hard.
I'm happy to be home with my family. Saying a little prayer tonight for Mayvel. Losing her beloved husband Leotis after 42 years of marriage on an airplane far, far away from home. I cannot imagine.

Why must this shit follow me where ever I go?



All around us in this world are amazingly beautiful things. They can be found in your home, your backyard or across the world. I've been traveling for a few days and I've seen many beautiful things that I've never before experienced.
While on this journey I've also seen many ugly things. Things that carry such heartache and sorrow in my soul.
I think that's the "real" part of traveling. Sure the endless excuses to eat all the junk food in the world and spend a ridiculous amount of money on souvenirs is exciting but, the "real" journey is seeing past all of that.

When I travel I don't go to chain restaurants, I don't do things I could normally do at home (ie: see a movie). I try to embrace the culture that is around me. Open my heart, mind and soul to the people, places and things that surround me in this new place.
I've been fortunate enough to have done some great traveling. I haven't done much but what I've done has shown me some marvelous places. Cape Cod with my best girlfriend right before my wedding, Mexico with my Grandma right when I turned 18 and my long term (4 year) high school boyfriend wanted to break up (devastation at 18, now not so much), South Carolina so I could see the truth in someones eyes, a driving trip from Illinois to Texas and back on my honeymoon.
There is so much more I want to see in this world. And as I've embarked on my most recent journey I've been struck by how much ugly there is in the world right now.
The economic climate in this country is crippling. There is more damage that I think can ever be corrected. I look around and see a beautiful landscape, gorgeous, simply breathtaking and awe inspiring locations. And then I look closer, I breathe it in. I'm overwhelmed by sadness, desperation and a hole in my soul begins to form.
I don't have the answers to the problems that all of us are facing now, God how I wish I did. But, I do have an open heart, an open mind, and open arms.
I want to help every person I've seen today that is in such need but alas, I cannot. I'm only one person. But I'm going to smile a little brighter, cringe a little less at the smell and take my leftovers to go because I know there is going to be someone on the street that would welcome that half eaten plate of food.
So, tomorrow as I continue my journey, I'm going to smile, laugh, cry, and embrace my surroundings.
I'm not sure what weighs heaviest on me tonight, the longing for my family or the longing for the prosperity that once was this country.
To my husband and my daughter, I miss you terribly.

Edit- I am very much enjoying my trip. I don't want to sound doom and gloom. I've having lots of fun but the sadness is always what creeps in at the end of the day.


Oberto, How You Doin'?

I've had a few email inquiries about how Scott's leg is doing? So, rather than email people back (because I SUCK at return emails this week) I thought I would just share with everyone.

Scott's leg in a nut shell is still shitty but in a good, kind of way. Oberto is still alive and kickin. We're seeing more of it in spots and less of it in others.
We've got the tendons exposed on the top of the foot and most recently we've got tendon exposed on the left (outer) side of the foot.
The left side guys are new this week so they are giving Scott a little more twitching and aching, which is typical when a new tendon surfaces.
Isn't it sad that we've had enough new tendons surface that we know how his leg is going to react? We know that for the first 5 days after the tendon first makes it's entrance Scott's leg is going to act like a spaz. But then it gets used to breathing the fresh air, so to speak, and it settles back down.
There are parts of the leg that are healing. It's really slow but it's happening.

Scott's health in general is doing as well as expected. As I said last week we've decided to no longer spend time on getting Scott walking. We're all about getting him more self reliant in his wheelchair. It's a slow process but we're working on it.

As in every family we have our great days. We communicate, we connect and we thrive. And then there are the bad days. We can't find the words we need, we bitch, we forget to remember how the other person must feel. The good thing is that most of the days are good days. Isn't that what every human on earth is looking for? More good than bad.
Tonight, in our house the scale was tipped a little in the wrong direction. I'm not happy to say that but I am happy to say that everyone parted ways for the night knowing that we have an intense love for each other.
Tomorrow is another day and it's going to be a great day.


Sick of It?

So I hate to bore you all with more bragging on my kid but I have to.

My kid can write.... well kind of....
This is Kate's first attempt at writing. Her daddy and I are so proud of her. It has also caused me to spiral into a great depression because how in the world do I have a child that can write.
Um... hello... I'm only 24. Shush.... don't ruin it for me....

Ok, ok, I'll stop gushing on my kid, for tonight anyways.


The Day for the Mothers

I had a pretty wonderful Mother's Day. I spent it with my best girl, my favorite mom and the rest of my family.
Didn't do much in the relaxation department but I enjoyed the hard work I did in my parents backyard.

The day would have been perfect had it not been for the stick to the eyeball. Let me tell ya kids, that shit hurts. Kate gave it a kiss tonight before bedtime and made it "all better".
Contrary to my prediction last night, Miss K was a good girl today. Her halo wasn't quite as shiny as yesterday but, I'm one proud momma.

I want to take a moment and thank all of the mom's out there. Each and every mother that I have been honored to come in contact with has taught me something. My close mom friends are a constant resource, sounding board, and inspiration.
Each and every mom out there is different. I marvel at our uniqueness. We are all struggling to do the right thing and be the best moms we can be. We all just hope that our children find love, happiness and health. And if we get really lucky only have therapy once a week. A lofty goal I know.

I salute every mother out there. May we have the courage we need to do the hard things that have to get done. The patience it takes to raise a happy child. And lastly, may we always have the clarity it takes to let the love in our hearts guide the words that we speak.


Mother's Day Came Early For Me

I got the best Mother's Day gift ever in the history of the world today and it didn't cost a single penny.

Kate and I had to make a trip to Lowe's after nap today. I had a few things to pick up and more importantly I had a sizable refund to get from our recent garage door debacle.
Ordering the garage doors took almost 3 hours. Apparently, Lowe's has some archaic computer system that sucks on a regular basis. This archaic system over charged me. To make a long story short in the end Lowe's owed us $180.

Walking in to the Lowe's today I see 2 managers a sales associate and only 1 person in line in the return department.
The voices in my head that I usually try to ignore tell me to "get the refund, it will only be a few minutes."Well, an hour later I did finally get the refund.

See why I ignore you voices, you lie to me all the time. It's just like that time in high school when you said I would look good as a redhead. Liars, you're all a bunch of liars. Stupid voices.
*sorry to have bothered you all with my therapy session again*

Before we get any further into the story let me explain something. The hour I waited was due to an archaic, overly complicated computer system. The Lowe's staff was nothing short of wonderful to Kate and I during our hour long visit.

So, I bet you're thinking "wow, $180 refund, not a bad Mother's Day gift". Well, you're right but that wasn't my gift.

My gift was the beautiful little girl that I had with me.
Kate was a complete angel for the entire visit. She sat in the cart the entire time, not a single whine was uttered, no loud voices, no rude behavior. Just pure bliss.
We pointed out the things we could see around us. We made up names for the people in the pictures on the signs and told stories about what they did at Lowe's.

My favorite was a picture of a very petite mid 50's woman that Kate said worked in the ladder section because she always needed them "cuz she small like me."

Kate colored with the pen and paper I had in my purse. She smiled and talked to the people that came in to return more common goods that didn't require CIA intervention.
That hour with my perfectly behaved little girl made my heart swoon. I have never spent a more perfect hour with anyone before. Absolutely the best gift EVER.

I am now completely prepared for breakfast tomorrow to be miserable but for tonight I'm just going to bask in the love.
Thank you Lowe's for your antiquated system, it allowed me to really see what an amazingly patient, inventive, smart child I have. I am a truly blessed mother.


Time Suck

Ummm... yeah... so I have a confession (or 20) to make.
First I'm wicked jealous that many of my friends are out seeing Hawnkefunk tonight.
Check them out here
My only solace is that they will be playing in my backyard on the 30th for

Second, I spent entirely too much time this evening learning some html code so I can do cool things like
I NEED this

Third, when I wasn't learning cool html I was editing a few photos from our fun time with Scott L yesterday. This still needs more "play" but it makes me smile.

And now sadly it is way past my bedtime.
We've had a very long, very exhausting week. I'm hoping for a calm weekend. We 3 Witt's need it.

*crossing fingers that the html class works*


A Story in Photos

One morning a beautiful Princess awoke. This was going to be a special day, the fair Princess was turning 3!

The Princess spent her day doing some of her favorite things.

It came time for the Princess to put on her prettiest dress and wait for her guests.

Her favorite people came to wish Princess Katie Happy Birthday.

At last is was time for the dinner feast.

This pleased the Princess.

Then the crowning moment for every Princess' birthday.... The cake...

It was a beautiful day for the Princess. The entire village rejoiced.

The END.


So many photos still to share. Huge thanks to Scott L. for coming and sharing all the photography toys. Scott - You've officially become a family member. I realize right now you don't know if you want to cry or run away. This feeling is typical and will pass with time (read 20 years). Kristin, sorry for monopolizing your hubby today. Thanks for sharing him. A family dinner is a must very soon.

A wonderful day for a wonderful little girl. I couldn't be happier.


Her Second Birthday

We spent the day at the park again.

This time she ran circles around all of us.

Enjoyed a wonderful dinner with the family at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Look at that cake Grandma made.

A letter to the birthday girl.

My Darling Katherine,

The years just keep getting better. You're growing, changing, becoming more you. Every moment I spend with you is exceptional even when you're challenging me.

You have such spunk and personality. Always so sure of what you want.
Willing to take risk if you think the reward is great enough. But, cautious enough to slow down and evaluate every situation.

Your smile and laughter bring such joy to my heart. I can hardly believe that I am lucky enough to be your mother.

I look forward to all the years we have ahead. There is still so much for us to share.
Being your mom is my greatest accomplishment and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I love you Baby Girl!


Her First Birthday

We spent Kate's first birthday just the three of us at Crystal Lake. We had a wonderful afternoon at the park.
This was the last time Scott could keep up with Kate. She very graciously slows down now so Daddy can keep up.

A beautiful day with a beautiful girl.


KT is Three!

At 11:23a on her due date of May 6, 2007 Katherine Tamara completed our family.
She weighed 7lbs 13oz and was 20'' long.
Our lives would never be the same again.

I have a hundred photos from that day. But in true Brandi fashion I can't get the external hard drive to spit them out. *sigh*


Three Years Ago Tonight

This was me...

So hopeful. So happy. So ready. So scared. So ill prepared.

The last three years have been an amazing journey. I hardly recognize the girl in this photo.

I recognize those pants though, I'm wearing them right now.

Watch for more KT posts for the next 24 hours as we celebrate our big girls birthday!


Spin, Whirl, Twirl

I have to apologize. I'm so exhausted that I'm struggling to write a good post.
It's been a LONG week here and it's only Tuesday.

Scott is on day 2 of his 5 day IV infusion. He's also had therapy (Monday afternoon) and a follow up appointment with Dr. Jacobs (this afternoon). K's been busy herself with school yesterday and a play day at Grandma's today.
These infusions require a trip to the infectious disease doctors office and a 90 minute infusion. Yesterday we got home just in time for the therapy van to come pick up Scott to take him to therapy.

Dr. Jacobs was pleased with Scott's progress. Things are ugly, as usual, but in a good kind of way. Dr. Jacobs wasn't happy with a particular part of the heel tissue so he decided to just cut it off right there in the office. I just held Scott leg up and Dr. Jacobs just snipped away a huge chunk of skin. Bloodbath everywhere. It was AWESOME!

Tomorrow brings day 3 of the drugs, more therapy for Scott and another day of school for K. Better try to sleep to prepare for another day of running.


Oh What a Night - Prom 2010

I'm labeling this Prom 2010 in hopes that this blog will be alive and kickin' when Prom 2011 happens next year. Maybe we'll go bigger...

Don't we look great. Now don't all of you try to borrow Scott's bright, shocking, orange tux at once. Alright???

Our fabulous hosts Mark and Jay'me.
Mark is still talking like a 13 year old boy. Those pants were... um... how to say this politely.... Let's just say if they weren't done having kids they are now.

The GOTH kids - Josh and Amy. They went all the way and had properly placed tattoos.

Here's Rob and Becky. You can't see Rob's rocking boots or Becky's flip flops. They had some serious footwear going on.

Last but certainly not least Dan and Allison.

Alli got Dan the bow tie and cummerbund and left the rest up to Dan.

Let's take a better look at that outfit, shall we. Lord help us all.

Look I got the boys to behave for about 6 seconds and managed to get in this one shot.

I have another 10 that look more like this. Truthfully I like these better. They more accuratly display what my 5 husbands are really like.

The beautiful ladies.

And now the proof that we now how to party.....

Another great night with great friends.

I think everyone everywhere should get together with some friends and have their very own prom. It will make you smile.

I promise.