This is me

I was a "working" girl today. No, not like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. But rather as a building construction, photographer liaison.
I don't get to "work" that often and really nobody (including myself) really understands what it is I do when I "work".
My job today included taking pictures. As I wandered around taking pictures of this building I strolled past these mirrored elevators.
While waiting for the doors to open (so I could photo the inside) I laughed at myself.
Here it is not quite 8am. I'm part way into my day, coffee in hand, camera bag strapped on and 50 shots into my first SD card of the day.

This is me.

Jeans, boots, make-up on, coffee in hand.
This is me.

Multi-tasking, studying, organizing, photo taking.

It's just who I am.

I LOVE prairie grasses. You guys known this. You learned it here and here.
Today last years prairie grasses were coated in about 3 inches of ice from our ice storm last night.

The ice was outstanding. I didn't get much time to take "me" pictures. I was taking pictures of rusting metal

and effervescence on brick.

That's ok though. Bricks, and metal are part of me too.

Status quo at the Witt house. Kate is wild, wicked smart, rambunctious. Scott is running a fever, short of breath, not eating, feeling like crap and enjoying every second of playing with his daughter and laughing at stupid jokes.

Be who you are... all of who you are.


Almost Forgot

I can't believe I almost forgot to share this photo here. If we're friends on Facebook you've already seen it but you haven't heard the story.

Is Kate missing something important?
No, I did not let my child leave the house without pants at the end of February in the Chicagoland area.
She had on pants, boots and socks when we left the house. While I was loading up the snow blower to get it repaired Kate thought she was going to walk on a little patch of ice. It wasn't ice but rather a soupy, sloppy mess of ice, snow, slush.
Big, frozen mess all the way up to the middle of her thigh.
Remove the pants, load her in the car and head home.

The addition of the pink hat, that strangely makes her look like Tom Hanks in the running forever scenes of Forest Gump, was completely Kate's doing.
My kid has mad style.

Scott's exhausted but breathing better today. I'm exhausted and was never breathing poorly. Kate is well... running around the house in a pink leotard, three ponytails and her new "ballerina" shoes.

Typical day at the Witt's.


Forgive *UPDATED

Forgive the horrible on-board flash in these photos. I ask you not to judge my photography skills to harshly. Instead, judge my friendship skills for letting a little boy play dress up with Kate's clothes.

Brandon is just too cute. How can you possibly say no to this face?

He would dress up and pose for pictures.

Immediately seeking out Kate's tiara. His dad (S12 of other blog fame) just helped adjust the tiara and encouraged him to smile nicely.

Letting a kid just be a kid.

It's not long before they are all grown up.

Thanks to S12, Kristin, Ethan and Brandon, or is it Brittney? We had a great time enjoying the lasagna from BigDan and Kathy with you.
BigDan and Kathy, while we loving enjoying your delicious food, it's just not the same without you at the table. We miss you guys.

I started this post from my bedroom tonight. I'm now finishing it sitting on Scott's floor. He's aspirated quite a few times today/tonight and is having a lot of trouble breathing. I think we've got it under control but I'll be watching close tonight just to make sure.

Who's out doing something fun this Friday night? Who's staying in and watching a bad movie? What are your weekend plans?

Scott had a restless nights sleep but is breathing a little better this morning. We'll be letting him sleep in today and hoping for the best.


I'm Nuts

But you guys already knew that.


Blood Clot

Some simple blood clots behind Scott's knee is causing his swelling. He's got his IVC filter in place so it will continue to do it's job and catch any clots before they get to Scott's heart and lungs.

We got our favorite ultrasound tech today. Tom knows Scott very well so we feel confident that he got a good scan and didn't miss anything. Scott was laying on the table during the ultrasound telling Tom how he (Tom), Dr. Jacobs (vascular surgeon) and Dr. Farrell (interventional radiologist) and some great medical gear would be his dream team if he was on a deserted island. About 15 minutes later, Scott remembered to include his wife in his "dream team". I feel so loved!

BigDan and Kathy stocked our car (and then our freezer) with some delicious meals and treats while we were inside. How many places can you get an ultrasound, a top notch vascular surgeon and a car full of homemade meals? We are the luckiest people on the planet. Thank you again BigDan and Kathy. The fresh baked, homemade rye bread is out of this world. I'm looking forward to the bacon click here to read how Dan made it. with some eggs and the berry cobbler tomorrow night. Kate already has her eyes set on a huge piece of "Aunt Kafies" banana bread for breakfast tomorrow.
Fat and happy.

I will say that aside from the awesome medical professionals, the wonderful friends that we didn't get to see, and the good news that Scott does not have an aneurysm in his right leg, it was an AWFUL visit.
Scott was done before we even got the ultrasound started. I spent the last hour in Dr. Jacobs doing this.

No, I'm not strangling Scott for omitting me from his deserted island, I'm holding up his head. His pulse was high, his breathing shallow and he kept trying to pass out from exhaustion. I couldn't get him home fast enough.
But, he's here. He's home, playing with Kate, watching movies and resting. His fever stayed away most of the day after plaguing him all night last night and is making a return appearance tonight.

Thank you everyone for all the well wishes for Scott today. You kept him wrapped up in positive thoughts and love all day long. I know it helped get him through the day.
Thank you to my Mom and Dad for having taking great care of Kate while we were gone. Papa I'm especially proud of you for telling her she didn't need a 12th pair of sunglasses.

Time to keep on keeping on.


Well suck

I cannot get Scott's fever to go away. It's been over 102 all night. The foot looks... well, like a swollen foot.
He's been on Levaquin for 5 days, he really shouldn't be having fevers still. I guess I'll tackle that after tomorrows ultrasound and appointment with Dr. Jacobs to check on the foot.

Feeling really grateful for those "happy" days last week. Helps balance out the yuck that has already started this week.

Something funny to brighten the update....
Kate is in the washroom going potty tonight. I hear "Mommy can you please help me." I head in to the bathroom and Kate is sitting on the potty holding a hand held mirror and a comb trying to comb her hair. "Mom, I can't comb my hair and make it pretty without falling in the potty. I don't want my bottom in the water."

Things certainly are never dull around here.


Happy Birthday Grams

I have the best Grams in the world. She sends me special vanilla before going into surgery. She didn't beat me as a child when I threw her china dish off my highchair shattering it into a million pieces when I was a child. She also forgave me when I played coupons, tearing her entire postcard collection in half.
She helped teach me (and Kate) to bake and to properly set a dinner table. I get my Martha Stewart tendencies from her.
I wish she lived closer so I could have spent this day with her. But, if things can settle down a bit Kate and I are going for a visit very soon.
Happy Birthday Grams, we love you bunches!

And so I don't get a ton of angry emails, voicemails and text messages, Scott is having issues. His right (the "good") foot is huge. Starting at the ankle and running to the toes. A big, fat, mess. Looks like a possible blood clot or worse yet an aneurysm. We'll be making calls tomorrow and getting him in to see Dr. Jacobs on Tuesday unless things take a nasty turn for the worse before then. Crossing my fingers.


More love for me

Because my brother and sister(in-law) rock, I spent the morning here.

Sitting right seat, next to my very best friend.

Having a great lunch, hanging out with my pal and floating on air.

Came home to family game time with both brothers, the sister (in-law), the parents, Scott and Miss K, who decided to boycott nap time today.
Throw in some Chinese food for dinner and I'm about as happy as can be.

Early bedtimes for everyone and hopefully lots of restful sleep.
I hope all of you are having equally wonderful weekends.



Remember yesterday I was talking about getting muddy? I was out on the job site again today and it was worse than Wednesday.

Look at Tim's boots. Aren't they glorious? Slipping and sliding everywhere.

I don't know why but I'm slightly obsessed with this shot. But I am.

This guy, he was totally showing off his mad steel skills. Throwing sparks everywhere while I happily snapped away. He only gave me the side eye when I got too close. These construction guys are real wimps.

And for those of you that are ready to climb out of the mud pit.

Kate couldn't wait to get home from school and climb up with her dad. She was an overly emotional mess today for some reason and just wanted her daddy.

Some days she's such a girly girl, sparkly shoes and all.

The opposite of her mud loving, hard hat wearing mama.


Yeah for me

Sometimes I get to do some pretty awesome things.

I'll get to step away from the medical, from the care giving, from the snotty nose, from the stresses of life.

I can step away and stand on top of a 60,000 square foot building. I get to look over the world and get some perspective.

Being on a job site is almost like flying for me. There is so much going on that your brain simply must silence those nagging thoughts.

You can't find yourself distracted while perched on top of a piece of steel. A tiny safety cable is the only thing blocking your fall.

If I was up here really working I would be tethered to a safety cable but since I'm just the photographer I wear muddy boots and get as close to the edge as I can. Pushing the limits, getting dirty and enjoying every second of it.

Even in darkness you must search for the ray of hope.

That ray will fill your soul. Restoring faith and hope. I'm so lucky to still have a piece of my professional life to go "home" to. It's just one of the many pieces of me.


'Mom, don't look at me".

I hear this statement several times a day as of late. It's usually when she's doing something she probably shouldn't or when she's putting on her dress up clothes. She really likes to make a grand entrance.

Tuesdays are bathroom days in the Witt house. I spend the day cleaning all four bathrooms. The ones that get used get touched up as we go but Tuesdays are the "big day". Between the bathrooms and getting the main floor ready for the invasion of Scott's man harem for movie night tonight I must have left Kate up to her own devices for a little too long today.
I know I saw her in just about every pretty dress, and play "costume" she owns but I didn't realize the full extent of her doings until bed time.
As we walk in Kate's room I hear "Excuse me Mom. Don't look at this. It be ok. I fix it."

Oh Kate, how I wish I could just look away. Maybe closing this closet door will work. Yep, look at that. Just close the door and it's all better. Perfect.

Scott enjoyed his man friends despite feeling shitty and having a raging fever. He started another round of Levaquin today. Hopefully this will knock back his symptoms and give him a little relief. He's also got what appears to be another rather large blood clot in his leg. He gets these from time to time but this is the largest I've seen in some time.
I wish I could just close the door on this and make it all go away. God, what I would do for a magic closet. Play clothes mess, money worries, Scott's health, unsold home, all just closed behind a pretty white door. Poof like it never existed.

Since there is no magic closet, I'll do second best. Put a smile on my face and keep on keeping on. Cleaning up the little messes as I can.

Thanks for hanging with Scott tonight boys. You all feed his soul. Bringing him happiness, laughter and happy memories that I cannot. He needed you.


The Day of Love

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

This was taken a few weeks ago before Snotfest 2011 invaded. Kate, was feeling far less drippy today, thankfully. She loved her Valentine party at school. I loved it too, such fun to have 10, 3-4 year olds hopped up on sugar trying to do art projects.

I hope you all got to spend some time with your special Valentine. I did.


Poor Katie

Poor Junior Miss. She has a cold. Can you tell?

She's such a little trooper. She just keeps wiping/blowing her nose.

Occasionally asking me "Mommy, the drips just keep coming out. Why won't it turn off?"

She only decorated two cookies before the "bless you's" (sneezes in Kate lingo) and sniffles got in her way.

I feel so bad for her. It still appears to be just a cold.

I hope it stays that way. If she sleeps well she'll get to go to her Valentines party at school tomorrow. It's all she can talk about.

Lots of hugs, snuggles and two entire boxes of Kleenex. Grammy and Papa came for dinner. Scott... continues.


Attack of the germs

I'm surrounded. Kate and Scott are both sick. No worries, I've got plenty of gloves, Kleenex (for Kate), Lysol, hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes.

Kate appears to just have a cold. Scott, well... who knows. His temp tells me something, I'm guessing a flair up from the osteomyelitis.

It's not slowing us down much. Scott and I went to our favorite Chinese restaurant with some friends on Friday night. We had a great time, even if it got cut a little short. Kate spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa's again. That's where her cold decided to make itself known. Sorry Mom. Thanks for being an awesome grandmother and sleeping on the floor next to my sick baby.
Yesterday afternoon we spent visiting with my uncle LaVerne and aunt Lynn. They drove out from Iowa again, just to hang out with us. They're awesome. It was a great visit and nobody seemed to care that Scott dozed off while the rest of us chatted around him in his room.

I'm predicting a quiet Sunday at home for the Witt's. We will see though. Life is too short to not make time for doing the things you really want to do.


A how-to of sorts

I'm going to approach an interesting topic today. A topic that probably isn't blogged about often. I want to talk about funeral, wake, memorial service, or shivah etiquette.

For some reason I'm drawn to the grieving. I'm not entirely sure why or what compels me, but when I see someone grieving, my auto-pilot turns on and I run to them. Some of you may remember my ill-fated return flight from California last year. You can read about it here. For reasons unbeknownst to me, I jumped out of my seat and ran to that woman. A complete stranger. I wrapped my arms around her as if she was my own family. Doing anything I could to make things a little better for her, even if it was only for a minute.
She wasn't the first grieving widow I sat with while they watched their husband die. I've done it several times in the SICU at Rush. Being thrust together in that tiny waiting room creates instant friendships. Nobody outside those walls understands what it's like to sit there day after day. Not knowing from one moment to the next what's going to happen to their loved one.
There was one woman in particular, Sheila. I met her and her wonderful daughter during Scott's first extended Rush stay in 2007. They were there with me for almost a month. One day good, the next day...
I was sitting in Scott's SICU room, he was having one of his few good days. I heard an announcement paging the float nurse and supervisor to room 511. God, how I hate room 511. I knew Sheila's husband was in there. It was early, I hadn't seen Sheila yet that day. I put my book away, told Scott I was stepping out and literally walked right into Sheila as she rushed in. The charge nurse came to her and told her that her husband had passed.
Without thinking, I wrapped my arms around Sheila. I pulled her down to the chair the nurses gathered for her. We sat holding hands, with my arm around her shoulder staring at the closed door of room 511.
We sat, waiting for them to clean up her husband. We sat and waited for the arrival of her daughter. We sat. I asked Sheila how they met. Sheila got the softest little smirk on her face and said "he was my first husbands best friend. The best man in my first wedding." We laughed for a moment about the taboo-ness of their meeting.
I looked around, there were other people that could be doing what I was doing. Nurses, clergy, people with actually training but, I couldn't give up my Sheila. I had to stay there until her daughter arrived (or she told me to leave). I don't know why, but I felt compelled.
I want to help those that are hurting. I want to be their voice when they can't speak for themselves. So here goes.

I've noticed that there seems to be some misconceptions and or ignorance as it relates to handling yourself properly at a service to memorialize ones death. I thought I would come here and break the taboo. Give everyone a few tips, tricks and basic pieces of etiquette.

Every service is different and requires a different level of finesse. A wake for a 95year old man that lived a long, healthy, fulfilling life is different from that of a 23 year old fallen soldier. And both of those are drastically different from that of service for a child.
I am not pretending to be the all knowing, all being, etiquette police. I know what I know and that's about it. I'm just sharing what I've learned.

Let's start with some basics.
Turn off your cell phone. Or if it must be on, silence it. For the love of God, please do not answer it and or return messages while in the room with other mourners. Go outside if it's that important.

Dress appropriately. It doesn't need to be a 3 piece suit, it doesn't need to be black but please no sweatpants, yoga pants and or filthy attire. If you have to come from work and you happen to work in the mud, plan ahead and bring a clean pair of jeans and clean shoes or boots. It's just a sign of respect for both the deceased and the grieving.

Use caution when bringing kids. Unless you're immediate family it might be best to leave the kids at home. Keeping a shrieking toddler out after his bedtime or delaying nap is not enjoyable for anyone. Having a pre-teen slumped on a funeral home couch with his ipod jamming and the Nintendo game rolling just doesn't work. Leave the tween in the car (assuming it's safe). Find a sitter for the littles or take turns with your spouse staying outside. It will be a better time for everyone.

Hold off on that cologne or perfume. The family members of the deceased are going to be hugged by just about everyone. Leaving your scent behind on their clothing is just rude. Heaven forbid someone has allergies and your Channel No5 makes them sneeze, cough or itch. UGH! Hold off on the spray for just one day. It wont hurt. Don't forget that deodorant though. Nobody wants a hug from someone with nasty body odor.

Speaking of hugs. Not every person that is grieving wants a hug. Someone people, in fact, find the hugging really hard to handle. Try to asses the persons wants or needs before going in for a big squishy hug. See if they reach for you, let them decide. When in doubt go in for a quick hug just barely touching the other person. Keep it quick. If they want more, they'll hang on to you.

Here is my last and probably best piece of advice.
Come prepared. Walk in the door with your favorite story or memory of the deceased. Be ready to share it. The long pause after the "I'm so sorry for your loss. He/she was a great person." is torture for those who have heard that sentence a 100 times already. Share your condolences and then share your story or memory. They will appreciate the story (especially if it's funny). Do NOT be afraid to be funny, but do make sure your not crass if you're speaking with your 80 year old aunt. Aunt Myrtle doesn't want to hear how her dearly departed husband told you your first dirty joke.
If you can't think of a story, or didn't know the departed well enough, come with a question. Ask the family, for their favorite memory. Their favorite family vacation. Anything, really. Just try to be specific in your question. They will be elated with being able to share something nice about the departed and with not having to come up with a topic yet again.

So there you have it. My how-to guide on being a good attendee to a celebration of life.

I would love to hear others bits of wisdom or advice. Or maybe you have a horror story to tell.

Again, these are just guidelines. Use your best judgements. Above all just be respectful.

I've stepped off my soapbox now. I will now return you to my regular ramblings of everyday life here at the WWW.



I smell trouble on the horizon. All my spidey senses are tingling. I hate when I get this feeling. It disrupts my otherwise cheery Prozac filled life. Huh? What? Never mind.

No, seriously. Scott's doing that thing he does when things start to unravel. Right now there is nothing concrete. It's nothing more than a series of small incidents and a general feeling. I'm watching Scott very closely. If his punk-ass tries anything sketchy, I'm going to be on top of it like white on rice.
It's odd though, I've felt calmer, less stressed, less frazzled and more connected the last couple days though. Almost peaceful.

Yes, I'm strange. Please don't judge me.

I'm feeling particularly bizarre tonight. It might have something to do with the coffee I had at 730pm. Kate spent the night at grandma and grandpa's so I could tend a wake this evening. I wanted to honor a good man. A man that came from an Irish immigrant family, struggled, fought and worked hard to carve out a successful life for his family. There aren't too many more of these types of men out there. He'll be missed. May his family find whatever it is their hearts need in this moment.



I have now cooked Bambi. When in doubt wrap the offending food in bacon and call it dinner. Wasn't too bad. I cames this >< close to overcooking it. Who knew you cooked deer like you cook beef? Not me.

Josh and Scott had a great time hanging out. They caught the end of 3 different movies together. They are strange like that.

Kate had a good night last night with the leg cramps. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. I'm hoping this most recent growth spurt is slowing. Every parent knows the worst thing ever is a hurting child. Breaks my heart.

Scott's fevers have returned. He had a rough time last night but stayed pretty low today. I'm watching it closely, prepared to handle things swiftly if needed.

I'll work on the hair photo. My photographer has been too busy playing ballet and Ariel to be bothered.

I've got a bunch of miscellaneous tidbits floating around in my head and they aren't really allowing me room to write at the moment.

So, I'll leave you with a tasteless joke. It happens to be my brother Justin's favorite.
ready... drum roll please...

A baby seal walks into a club.

Get it.... horrible I know.
I'll go away now and never come back. Well, until tomorrow, or later or whenever I need to write again. Nighty night!


Lil' dis lil' dat

We had a wonderful time at Mark and Jay'me's for the Super Bowl game. Seeing as how Mark's family is from Pittsburgh, the results weren't quite what they were hoping for. We had a wonderful time regardless. The kids got along well, there was minimal drama, great friends and great food. What more could you ask for?

Scott is exhausted from the celebration, even though he had the king seat in the theater room for a front row view of the game. He spent the day resting and I think tomorrow will be more of the same.

I swear Kate has grown 3'' in the last two day. Seriously, is this kid ever going to stop growing? She and I were up most of the night battling her growing pains. Poor kid. I've done some research and called the pediatrician but haven't found a good way to help alleviate the pain. Anyone have any ideas?

She's all about the rhyme game right now. In between 3,000 rounds of "does dog rhyme with fog?" she asked me today if I remembered going to the "show and tell and the sign say no diving because it was not enough water and you hit your head and the men will have to come help you and clean up the mess"? I assured her I remembered the hotel and the no diving in the pool rules. Then we discussed sentance structure.

Scott's buddy Josh is coming over tomorrow for dinner. He's bringing along a marinated venison roast loin thing. My husband has assured Josh that I know exactly how to cook it and it will be divine. Hmmm... Thank you husband for the faith but I have never cooked deer and have no idea what I'm doing. Oh, I'm sure I'll figure it out and you all know I'll be calling my resident chef on call, Grams. Wish me luck.
What does one serve with a marinated hunk of deer meat? Who's got a great side-dish recipe?
Oh and yes, I will give deer to Kate. Yes, I will tell her it's chicken. Yes, she will wrinkle her nose, smell it once, touch her tongue to it and declare that "it's too sweet (or spicy depending on her mood)" and she doesn't like it. She will then try an entire piece when I explain to her that the awesome dessert will not find it's way to her tummy without it. I'm mean like that.

I got my haircut on Saturday. Cut off about 8''. It was my first haircut since last March. My hair stylist about died when I told her I had been naming my split ends. I probably went too far when I whimpered "good bye Suzie" when she cut my overly shaggy side bangs.
What you don't name your split ends? Don't answer that.

It was my turn to post on the other blog. There is a song clip in the post. It's Kate's current favorite song. She wanders around the house singing it, when she's not singing Liberty Valence.

Lastly, I had a hot dog for dinner. It didn't like me.

That's all.
Brandi out.


She gets it

I have to share a story from today. My apologies to my mom and Scott for not being able to share this story with them "live". I cried when it happened and I'm starting to tear up already. I know that sharing this moment in my life is going to be difficult for me. Bear with me.

Kate and I were out this evening. Before we left the house Scott suggested Chinese food for dinner. Not one to argue with an egg roll, I happily obliged.

When we arrived at the restaurant to pick up dinner there were a few people already waiting for their orders. Kate was her usual cute self. Asking questions, using her manners, saying "excuse me Mommy" before asking her question. She was being so well behaved.

There was one woman there in particular that Kate was drawn to. She was a woman in her 60's with a soft southern accent. She kind of reminded me of my Grams, I'm thinking she reminded Kate of her too because of the way Kate was naturally drawn to this woman.
While I paid the bill Kate and this woman chatted. Kate shared her age, her name and she was lamenting about how she wants to be 5 so she can ride in the big yellow school bus. This nice lady with all her southern charm just kept chatting with her.
Out of nowhere Kate says "my Daddy didn't come with to get our dinner." The lady asked if he was waiting at home. What Kate said next came as a little bit of a surprise to me.
Without hesitation Kate told the lady "My daddy is sick. He has a balloon in his leg and one in his tummy. They pop and make it so my daddy can't walk any more. He has a really cool wheelchair. It's not a red one anymore, it's black now."
Kate paused for a breath and I interjected. Telling the woman my token easy answer "My husband has a rare genetic disease that causes aneurysms. We've told her that they are like little balloons and sometimes they go pop in Daddy and we have to take him to the hospital."

As I look at this woman, I see tears in her eyes. She looks back at Kate and says. "My husband has a blood problem and he's in a wheelchair too. The doctors had to take part of his leg off so he could get better. Is your daddy getting better?"
This moment is forever paused in my heart. The words Kate spoke will stay with me forever. She was so calm. So matter of fact. So sweet and innocent.
She climbed on the chair next to the woman and said "Um, my daddy still talks and everything so he's still just like my daddy but now he can't walk. He's going to go to heaven soon and won't talk to me anymore. He'll still be my daddy, even when he's not here. Right mommy?"
There in that Chinese restaurant a stranger and I shared a tear. I pulled Kate onto my lap and told her she was absolutely right. That her daddy would always be her daddy and he would always love her and watch over her.
Kate mumbled something and scurried off my lap to look at the clown fish in the tank.
The woman watched her walk away and spoke the words that were in my heart, the words I could not say. "What an amazing little girl. She's got a beautiful soul."

She'll be ok. She gets it.


Let it snow, let it.. stop f'ing snowing already

We'll kids the much talked about Snowmaggedon did not disappoint. 19'' fell in our town along with wind gusts of 80-90mph and sustaining winds of 60mph (or so says the tv, I wasn't actually out there measuring it myself).
Let's start with a photo from yesterday (Monday) morning. 830am

By 11am you can see a little more snow has fallen about 3''

Junior Miss and I cleared the snow at that point. Well, she played, got cold and went inside in about 10 minutes leaving me to clear the snow.

This is sadly where I discovered our snow blower wasn't going to make it.

It was a sad moment in my life, please lets never discuss it again. It's just too painful.
By 630pm it was game on.

830pm it was rolling.

and midnight...yep, this was going to be fun.

Yes this is our Christmas tree outside our back door. Yes, it's been sitting there since I took it down weeks ago. Yes, it will be sitting there until spring. No, I don't care. It's what happens when a 5'7'' girl wrestles a very dead piece of 9' nature out her back door alone.

Waking up this morning, and being able to really see... wow. Just wow.
This next group was all taken around 7am this morning. My kid didn't get the message that this was a snow day and we were supposed to sleep in. She's been punished.

Somewhere in there is the Christmas tree... I think.
Inside the house looking out the backdoor. My camera in the earlier photos was sitting on the floor. Obviously you couldn't see out the door from floor level any longer.

Look close you can see our fire hydrant out there. A little game of Where's Waldo for you.

The view out our front door. That drift was hand shoveled by me. Keep in mind this is where Scott's ramp is. The drift was about 7' high at the base of the ramp.

Front door shot from the outside. Kates and I aren't much for staying in all day.

Bundle up and out we go.

Kate loved climbing the "mountains"

and making snow angels on the top of 5' drifts.

She can do that because she's little. Me, not so much. I sank. Here I am, my feet aren't on the ground and it's up to my thigh.

That wasn't the worst of it. I decided we should walk around the entire house. I'll let the photo tell you the rest.

Yes, I'm an idiot. I ended up carrying Kate and my camera around the entire house in waist high (or higher) snow drifts. Not the smartest moment I've ever had.

There you have it. Snowmaggedon the photo journal.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the wonderful neighbor that plowed or snow blowed us out. I didn't even see them. Kate and I were inside warming up, making chocolate covered pretzels and having lunch with Scott. I went to the window to stare in awe and it was done. Perfectly cleared driveway. So wonderful! Words cannot express.
I was feeling a little claustrophobic and I HATE being trapped with Scott and Kate in the house (I can't shake the what could happen feeling).
Thank you neighbor. We would love the opportunity to show our appreciation in person and with a treat.

This storm was horrible. It's a real mess here. But I'm still thinking about the real problems in Australia and Egypt. Hoping the world can begin to heal.