And I'm Spent

Busy day in the WWW.

We'll start with the littlest Witt.
Miss K had a fun morning at school and a blast playing with Heather this afternoon. Her cough is about the same.
Tonight she was gracious enough to puke (on both of us) before bedtime.

Now onto the skinniest Witt.
Scott did well going to the doctor today. He did not puke on me so he's my favorite today.
We both really like the orthopedic doctor, Dr. B. He was very smart, appropriately cautious and walked in the door having read the millions of pages that are the highlights of Scott's medical history.
For right now Scott remains non-weight bearing, meaning he still can't do any standing or walking.
Dr. B wasn't worried about the torn meniscus as much as the stress fractures.
The fractures are partially a result of the poor blood supply to that leg. Add in the hard way Scott walks (when he was walking), not being able to feel twisting or hyper extension and you've got a real mess on your hands.
So we go back in four weeks, to reevaluate. Dr. B. did highly recommend that Scott return to therapy just in a limited capacity. We left with a letter that should hopefully get Scott re-enrolled in the day therapy program.

That leaves me. What do I have to say about me? Hmmmm.... mother fucking exhausted. That about sums it up for me.

A great day in the WWW.
Beautiful weather
a home cooked meal for the second night in a row that I didn't have to cook (love you Simpsons and BigDan&Kath)
lots of time together
nobody had to take a time-out.
Any day I can stay out of time out is a good day around here.

I'll leave you all with this photo from Monday morning.
Miss K was so tired she slept through me opening the blinds, turning off the fan, singing her wake up song and taking this photo.

You notice her "friends" in the bed, this is only half of them and they all have their specific spots.
We've discussed her OCD before.


Power of Strangers

Kate and I made a trip to Walgreens. While looking for some junk food to fatten Scott up Kate notices some Sleeping Beauty playdoh.
She being a typical toddler admires it and wants to bring it home. I being the mean mommy tell her not today. In non-typical toddler form she says "Ok Mommy maybe next time we get Princess Aurora" and with that we put Sleeping Beauty back on the shelf.

An older gentleman strikes up a conversation with me. He asks me how old Kate is, talks about how cute she is. Kate is of course happy to tell him how she's " 'most fee" and "thank you I a princess".

Turns out he has 3 grandkids that live out of state, he doesn't see them often. One of them is just about Kate's age. His wife passed last year and he's never bought Easter basket stuff before. So, we chat about what might be good to put in baskets for each kid. He's a very sweet old guy just trying to get by.

We part ways as Kate and I head over to pick up some gauze.

Kate and I end up standing behind the gentlemen at the photo counter. We chat again for another minute while he's making his purchases. As he turns to leave he reaches in his bag pulls out the Sleeping Beauty playdoh, he was getting it for the youngest granddaughter.
He asks me if Kate can have it. How can I say no?
Handing Kate the playdoh he tells her she's a very smart little girl. He tells her to be a good girl. Looking up at me he tells me I'm a wonderful mother, and that I remind him of his wife. As I shake his hand and tell him thank you I notice the tears in his eyes. I wish him a Happy Easter. He tells me it won't be the same without her but he's just thankful to have his family coming to visit.

The very simple words from that complete stranger fill my heart tonight. I wish he could be as lucky as I am. I wish his wife could be with him, just like my husband is with me.
Or maybe I should want to be as lucky as he is. He had 49 years with his wife.

Or just maybe we're both lucky, in our own ways.



It's 8:30pm and I already have a load of sheets in the wash. Poor Miss K was coughing so hard the first 5 mintues she was in bed that she threw up all over.
Haven't even started Scott's bandage changes.

I can already tell it's going to be a LONG night around these parts.

Wish me luck.......


How I Really Feel About You Guys

Go visit Guaranteed to crack you up on a Monday morning!


The Simpson's

Had a wonderful afternoon with the Tom, Ann and Andrew part of the Simpson family.

Certainly you all remember this face.

Good heavens I cannot get enough of this face.

He's at that perfect age where he's just beginning to crawl and get into things.

Kate had a wonderful time playing with him. She's such a little mama.

Once again, I am at a loss for words. I cannot begin to describe how loved we feel on a regular basis. We have such amazing friends and family surrounding up. Bringing us food, making us laugh, listening to me gripe, offering to clean, giving Scott another face to look at.

This last picture is mostly for Tom and Ann but I'll clue you all in. Kate has a new habit of taking all her crayons out and using them one by one. She takes it from the table or out of the bag, uses it once and then places it neatly on the other side of her drawing. Never using the same color twice and always keeping things in order.
I have no idea where she gets this OCD from, no idea at all. I'll let you all know when I get back from the land of Delusion. I hear the weather is quite nice there this time of year.

Here's to another week. Hopefully this week will bring more answers, more smiles, more love and fewer heartaches - for all of us.


Let's Fly, Let's Fly Away

This is Kate

This is Kate flying

She loves it almost as much as her mom does.

We weren't up long but it was fantastic.

Had a great day. Looking forward to tomorrow with Tom, Ann and AO. Before bed Kate was planning her outfit and was telling me which toys she will let AO play with.
"Him to ittle for my 'puter Mom. It only for big kids. I big see" (stretches as tall as possible). sigh

All of the comments last night and today were wonderful. They had me cracking up which is always welcomed around here. Thanks for all the love guys. This lady is a wacka doo. But, it's my blog and I'll always get the last say *insert evil laugh here*. No emails today so hopefully you guys shut her up. I think it might have been the comment from Rev. Nick. Kind of hard to argue with a reverend. Yep, our posse' kicks ass.

Going to try to watch the first episode of The Pacific on DVR - want to take guesses on how far I get until I'm fast asleep or interrupted? That's why I pink puff heart DVR, I'll just pause it and try again later. Ahhh....modern technology.



Almost 3 or Almost 13?

Actual quote -
"Be QUIET! I working on my 'puter"

On the heels of having to wear the "big dress" (seen below) yesterday to go see Adam I'm a more than a little afraid.

She likes the spin.

I think I'll go hide now.

Wanted to say a quick hello to Kay who's recovering from a small surgery. So glad everything went well and things are already headed back to normal. Believe me when I say - follow the doctors orders and you'll be just fine.

Everything in the WWW is status quo which is a beautiful thing.
K still has her cough. But, with no fever we're just treating it as a cold. Scott's laryngitis is better unless he talks to much so I tell him to "Shut up" a lot. Kidding, I'm not a fan on the SU. I'm more of a STFU (shut the fuck up) type of gal. Scott's other cold symptoms have their moments of flare up but for the most part are under control. I tell him he can't complain because he has the morphine. I think that should be a life rule.

One final thought - to the annonymous email bitch (yes I can tell you're female) -
I don't give a rats ass if God will love me more if I swear less.
I'm pretty sure with the economy, natural disasters, disease, and general shittyness that is life, God is not paying any attention to any curse words I may use. And if He is, I'm pretty sure he knows what's really in my heart when I say things like "this is fucking horrible" or "I'm sick of my family being shit on". Yeah, pretty sure my direct dial with God isn't the one you should be worrying about. So kindly stop emailing me about it. Go away crazy lady. Thank you kindly.

Happy weekend everyone. Trying to come up with a new contest.... taking ideas....



I know I said I was going to do a Commenting the Comments but well... I'm not doing it today. I'm cranky. Plain and simple CRANKY.
Nothing specific behind my crankiness, just a bunch of little crap like all of us have.

I'm going to focus on the highlights of the day -
I got to snuggle two infants today. I need more infants in my life. All you lady friends out there - get busy so I can snuggle your kids. Thank you kindly.

My daughter was a pretty good kid at our playdate with Alli, Adam, Ryan, Jenn and Carter. It wasn't until after "naptime" that she turned into a maniac. I say "naptime" loosely it was more of 20 minutes of rest sandwiched between playing and coughing.

I got to spend some great time with two beautiful women/mothers. Who were so gracious, warm and fun.

I made dinner and while it did involve a hotdog for the picky toddler it did not involve cereal for the adults. Parmesan pork tenderloin, chunky mashed potatoes with a sprinkle of parm. It didn't suck, in fact it was quite good.

I'm blogging at 9pm instead of 10pm. Thank you OnDemand so I could play Kate's bedtime show at 7:30p and not wait until 8p. (see previous no nap note). Scott being sick made it so he was ready for bed early too.

Ahhh.... the good stuff.....


Sweet Dreams

Few items to note from the past few days in the WWW
* KT went potty by herself (She's potty trained but I always move clothes and such).
* Daddy was there to offer assistance to Kate with toilet paper and correcting the bunched up underwear and pants.
* Scott got himself all around the house this morning and again this evening. Doing all his "daily living" type tasks.
* I read 20 full pages in on my eReader. Typically I'm lucky if I read 2 before falling asleep. Today's reading was in the middle of the day - GASP!
* Had yet another awesome dinner from BigDan and Kathy last night (Tuesday) -I believe I mentioned it - The clincher... get ready... we had it at my parents house. We navigated 8 (I think) stairs with Scott in his chair. Big shout out to my brother Justin and my ROCKSTAR dad for the lift assist. Another shout out to my brother Matt who kept his awful germs to himself and one final shout out to my mom who kept K from running wild in the streets. (No I didn't have my camera - I suck!)
* Planning another Comment The Comments for tomorrow - get your questions in now. Seriously, ask me anything I'll answer it to the best of my ability.

* And finally KT wanted to sing Daddy and Dolly a song before bed - I'm sure she won't mind me sharing it with all of you.



I've been stalling writing this post. Usually I'm writing a post in my head through out the day. Organizing thoughts, deciding what to ramble about, digging through the soggy mush that is my brain. Today my head was buzzing all day so I got no pre-writing done. Thus my stalling.

What I'm sure most of you are wondering about was our trip to RUSH. The visit to Dr. Jacobs is exactly what I thought it would be - pretty much. Completely undressed Scott leg with PA Jenn's help. Got to the thigh and a small vein decided to flip its lid and spray blood all over, good thing Jenn was the one that moved that gauze and not me.
Dr. Jacobs used silver nitrate to stop the bleeding. He was kind enough to teach me how to use it and send us home with some.
We changed up the the thigh dressing a bit but in general Dr. Jacobs was fine with it's progress.
The lower leg including both tendons got the "it looks good for what it is" from Dr. Jacobs - exactly as I predicted.
So I guess I'm doing exactly what I should be doing and it's up to someone or something other than me to make this leg right. Dr. Jacobs did repeat that this is a L.O.N.G process. We go back in 6 weeks.

While we were at RUSH we saw lots of our friends. PT Nate and Kate plus 8 - Becca, Lorraine, Terri, Carole, Janet, Mary Kay, Heather, Rosa.
We saw a few others too but the story is funnier this way.
It was great to see everyone. Even better to get to leave just a few hours after coming in.
BigDan and Kathy were of course there. And they didn't disappoint with a delicious and already completely gone taco casserole.
We sure do miss all of you. Lots of love, lots and lots of love.

We also FINALLY got an appointment with the orthopedic doctor. Next Wednesday. It can't get here fast enough. Having to hold off on Scott's PT is really frustrating to both of us.

No specific plans for tomorrow. Few errands to run but that's it. Really looking forward to it. Shouldn't let myself get too excited or I might have a furnace failure or something - never tempt fate.



Well, well

First thing - I want to thank all of you for the out pouring of support. It warmed my heart to feel so cared for. It was not my intent to garner support for my continued frank writings. In my heart it was not ever really an option to begin editing myself. My comment yesterday was more of an apology to anyone out there that I have offended and maybe some explanation.
Again thank you - I'm me and I'm just glad that most of you like me.

Now on to other things.

I planned on coming on here to gripe about the fact that with no warning K had a new teacher for the third time in 6months.
I planned to come here and gripe about spending 5+ hours today finding a resolution for this

I planned on talking about our trip downtown tomorrow. Providing warning to all our RUSH family that we would once again be wandering the halls causing trouble.

And then I did Scott's dressing change. And now none of that matters, not even the fucking broken pain in my ass garage door.

You see friends, Scott has new tendon showing. This time it's on the top of his foot.
His leg is a complete mess. Nothing is healing, nothing looks better, everything looks like a half eaten animal that a coyote is making dinner out of.
I know I have a flair for the dramatic but for REAL, it's horrible.
Probably the worst part of all of this is that the exposed tendon is causing a great deal of pain for Scott.

I'm grateful that we're going to see Dr. Jacobs tomorrow but I know what he's going to say... "keep doing what you're doing it's fine". I'll smile and say ok. When really I'll want to scream, freak out and say something like "if it's so fucking fine than you take care of it".
I know Dr. Jacobs will be right. I know he'll take good care of it and I know there isn't anything I can do other than follow the instructions they give me.

I must confess - I feel like I'm failing. I feel like Scott's leg is this bad because I can't take good enough care of it. I can't heal it. I'm not doing something right. I'm not loving enough. I'm not being careful enough. Somehow I feel like if this leg fails then it's my fault.
I know you all would reassure me that it's not my fault. Deep in my heart I know it's not but, as the only person that cares for this fucking mess of a leg I feel responsible.

I'm not real big on failure, as most people aren't. I usually don't tackle something I don't feel I can conquer. I'm totally more of the stand on the sidelines and watch until I feel like I can perfect something type.
This leg, Scott's disease, they don't give me that luxury. I think that's why I've spent so much time lately saying things like "I want to move to a small town in Maine where nobody knows my name". Because if I run away then I'll never have to face the fact that I've failed.
Rest assured I'm not going to Maine, I will not run and hide, I will face this head on as I have the last 6 years. I will stand next to my husband and our daughter and I will fight. I will give it every last piece of me. I just need to prepare for the fall out if I'm not successful.

Can I rewind the day and go back to being pissed about the garage door and complaining about hurting my hand trying to help my dad get it fixed yesterday? That was a happy place.

For those of you that are interested the previous Snapfish link has been updated with new gross photos.

I am looking forward to seeing our RUSH family tomorrow. We've missed all of you, especially you Lorraine, you need to feel the LOVE.

Thanks to all of you, I feel the LOVE.


Gigantic Buckets

Remember those gigantic buckets I was talking about yesterday? Well, they just keep getting bigger.
Thankfully, it's just stuff. Stuff can be replaced, repaired or thrown out to the curb if needed. As long as we have some resemblance of health everything is peachy.

Had some visitors this weekend.

Six...yes 6.. of my aunts and uncles from Iowa made the 6 hour trip out to visit with us. My brother Matt and his friend Alissa also made it out.
Scott with his cold/laryngitis was exhausted. But, it was still a nice visit. And honestly bigger groups are easier for Scott. He doesn't feel like he needs to entertain. He can fall asleep at will and nobody really notices because there are other people to talk to.
Having all the faces in the house is always a welcomed event. Kate gets other people to play with, I have someone else to talk to and we all get reminders that there are other people out there in this great big world.
It was fantastic to visit with all of them. So much love.

I also want to take a moment and address something. I've had a couple different people make comments to me on separate occasions that I shouldn't say certain things, or refer to certain things on the blog.
I just want to go on the record and say I never have ill intent toward anyone. I certainly don't wish to make anyone uncomfortable or unhappy with my writings. If I've "said" something that's upset you in some way I sincerely apologize.

That said, I will not change the way I write or what I say.
This place, this blog is mine. All mine. It's my place to write down my thoughts, my feelings, my joys, my heartache. I do try my best to keep gross medical stuff from making anyone queasy but other than that, I will not edit.
Please don't think that doesn't mean I don't care, I do. I really, really do.
If I start editing for this person, that person and people that I don't even know... if I turn this blog into something that isn't genuine than it's not for me anymore.

Sometimes I want to scream, sometimes I want to swear sometimes I want to bang my head repeatedly against the wall. Other times I want to down play how bad things really are, I want to pretend that I have everything under control and that we're just fine. Whichever way I want to go is what I need on that day in that moment.

I love everyone that is taking the time to read this. I love the people that comment and tell me they're reading it more (shameless ploy to get comments - can't blame a girl for trying).
I want you all to be a piece of our lives. It helps me. I feel less alone, I gain strength, I get wise advice, I laugh and most importantly it restores my faith in humanity.
I thank you all for being here. Please don't be offended by what I say or how I say it. Know that it's me just being me.

You're all still owed the after shots of Scott's hair. Scott's looking a little "under the weather" right now so I'm not liking any of the photos of him. More importantly I don't think he would like them. He looks sick enough without the cold.

Here's to another week.... crossing my fingers, saying my prayers and making it the best I can.


Silent Saturday

In honor of Scott's laryngitis (have I mentioned that when it rains it pours gigantic buckets around here) I'm going to shut my mouth and give you this...

May 6, 2008 - Kate's 1st Birthday



This just in....
I got SIX, yes I said 6, straight hours of sleep last night.
I think it created some time - space - continuum problems though.
Yesterday - 60F and sunny
Today - I woke up to a snow covered ground.

If this is payback for finally sleeping - I accept it and apologize to all of you.



It's long

It's mangy

It must go

Please help

Check in to see the results tomorrow.

*otherwise known as Scott and K have kicked my ass and I'm too tired to edit anymore photos*



Little Things

"Why the hell are you showing us your dirty dishes? That's it call in the men with the white strappy jacket. She's finally lost it."

Ah but kids, as usual there is a reason for my madness.

I found this dirty dish in the sink (lasagna noodle bake - Thanks BigDan and Kath) after Scott's lunch. Guess what.... go ahead and guess... I didn't put it there.
So who dun it?
No, we don't let our almost 3 year old play with our Mikasa dishes.
No, we didn't have a play date.
No, we didn't hire a maid (much to my dismay).
In fact it was only the three of us all day.

By gum I think you've got it Sherlock.
Scott put the dirty dish in the sink.
*waits while all the OT girls swoon*

So some of you are probably thinking I'm making a big ass deal out of something silly and little. Allow me to shed some light on things for you.
Scott hasn't cleared his own dishes in probably a year.
Before the most recent stay he was using a walker. walker + dishes = BAD Go a little further back, 9 months*ish, Scott was always too tired to safely put his dishes in the sink. Over a year of doing all the dishes ALONE will make one crazy.

So, when I finished changing all the batteries in the smoke detectors to keep them from chirping at 1am like they did this morning, and found this

I was over the moon.
Scott had finished up lunch, got his plate all the way across the kitchen, navigating around the kitchen table and the island, rinsed his plate and left it soaking in the sink. No napkins or water bottles to clean on the table.
Scott was sitting all the way across the room waiting for me to help him transfer to the couch. Not because he needed me but just a precaution.

I'm mighty excited... can't you tell....

In other WWW news -
K is doing better. She's remained fever free. Her croupy cough still sounds like crap but she's doing pretty well.
I think emotionally she's healing too. Every night since Scott's return home, she's been very clingy and wanting to know "what people get me up?". Meaning who would be there for her in the morning.
While Scott was in the hospital I would tell her when I put her to bed who would be getting her up in the morning. This was my way of taking out the apprehension.
Well, tonight when she asked "what people get me up?" and I answered "Mama will, I'll be here all night and I'll get you up in the morning."
Her response "oh no, maybe Papa and Grammy come. Rachel want to play wif me".

Hmmm.... me thinks the girl child is sick of me. This too makes me oddly excited.

Nothing new to report on Scott's leg. Bio-Glue continues to come out. Tendon continues to hang out for the whole world to see. Knee continues to swell to the size of Nicole Richie's head and hurts more than my ears when I hear a Taylor Swift song.

With any luck I'll be posting some before and after pictures of Scott's haircut tomorrow. Planning a big outing to the hair salon. Hopefully it goes well.
Wish us luck.



Breathing is good.
Breathing pulls live into your lungs.
Breathing gives you sustenance on which to thrive.

*Ugly, fat lady sporting a class A mullet jumps in front of you and your cranky toddler in line at the grocery - breathing will keep you out of jail.
*Ungrateful, cranky, non english speaking bitch giving you a hard time about scheduling your husbands appointment - breathing keeps you from saying "I'm sorry I don't understand you mush mouth, put down the bag of pork rinds and tell me the fucking dates you have available".
*Seeing the look of despair, agony, and heartache on your husbands face - breathing will keep you from crying with him so that you can tell him "It really aint so bad".
*Stepping into the beautiful sun on a 60 degree day with your amazing daughter, the perfect blend of you and your husband, with her quizzical eyes and million questions - breathing will help you trap that moment in your mind forever - like taking a Polaroid.
*Reading emails, texts, comments, cards from friends, family and even strangers giving you words of encouragement, hope and faith - breathing reminds you that they are right - you can do this, it will be ok.

Breathing is a good thing.


K seems to be doing better. I'm hoping I'll get more than 2 hours sleep tonight. *crossing fingers*
Scott's rehab is postponed until further notice. Awaiting authorization from the orthopedist.
Discovered what's been causing Scott's thigh incision to behave poorly. Turns out the Bio-Glue (first talked about here is working it's way out. Makes his previously easy thigh dressings a bit more complicated.
Made some corned beef with the trimmings and enjoyed it with my family. Having a brother and sister-in-law so willing to sacrifice themselves and go out in the sunshine to get me Cold Stone Creamery ice cream (hello cherry loves cheesecake - I've missed you) makes me feel so blessed.
Making another trip to the medical supply place tomorrow - buy stock in Medline before noon tomorrow. You'll be glad you did.


Now, if you'll excuse me I have some more breathing to do.

Happy St. Patrick's Day - the luck of the Irish to ya.


Stop Peeing in my Cherrios

The WWW (Wacky World of Witt) is so not a fun place to be right now.

Got a phone call at 9pm (yeah, that's never good news) from our PCP (primary care physician) Scott's MRI that was done today showed some nasty stuff. A torn meniscus and a "ton" of stress fractures.
Obviously were about to add orthopedic to our list of doctors.
We have no idea what this may mean. How does this affect future rehab? Will it require surgery? Will someone do surgery? Does surgery even make sense on a leg that is in such horrible condition?
Oh and did I mention that his thigh looks like ass, and there is officially no skin left holding the achilles tendon in place.
Yeah how about fuck off.

Scott and I are supposed to start his day therapy evaluations tomorrow. Not even sure what to do with those, right now.
I guess I'll start at the beginning and call the PCP first thing in that am. Promptly followed by a call to Dr. Jacobs, he'll need to be involved in this too.

Remember that Xanax I was looking for yesterday????

And then there is K. I swear they are tag teaming me.
K has a horrible croupy sounding cough and a raging fever. She's already been up twice in huge coughing fits (poor kid has only been asleep an 1:30). I guess somewhere in here will probably be a trip to the pediatrician too.
You all would have laughed at the sight of me running up and down the stairs. Going from taking care of K to doing Scott's dressing changes and getting him put into bed.
Hey, at least I'm getting some exercise. Not that I'll be able to tell. I'm sitting in my bed eating some of the fresh homemade skillet style popcorn that BigDan and Kathy brought.

So let's see what else..... hmmmm..... I'm trying to think of something good.... I can't just have this entire post be shitty.... really trying... OH! I know...
I got to go flying today. It wasn't for long and we just stayed in the pattern but I still got to go.

I'll end on that bright shiny note and with these two photos that I took in happier times.

Old Threshers Festival - Memorial Day Weekend - Mt. Pleasant Iowa

We'll be back there this year, damn it, I don't care what it takes.


Quick Note

I'm exhausted this evening and I'm expecting to have a LONG night so I'll keep this note brief.
K has been cranking all afternoon. No nap and a 101.4 fever at bedtime should make for a long night. If she has yet another ear infection I may just lose my mind. Will you all visit me in the looney bin?

Scott and I met with the physiatrist so that Scott can admitted into the day rehab program at the Neurotrauma Center in Crystal Lake. Dr. Shankara is a very like able, very thorough guy. He was more than happy to admit Scott into the program.
We'll start evaluations on Wednesday and finish them up on Thursday. Next week will be the first full week of therapy. YIPPEEE!
So looking forward to being done with this home health care place. They suck ASS. The PT called last night at 9:15pm to arrange for a visit this morning at 10:30am. Here's the kicker kids - we told her on Friday that we had an appointment already at that time. Um yeah, I don't have time to deal with your stupidity.

Scott's thigh wound is giving us some trouble. So yesterday (Sunday) while BigDan and Kathy played meal delivery service, bringing us home cooked ribs, chicken soup, braised beef, mashed potatoes, dill carrots, lasagna noodle bake, banana bread and some freshly popped popcorn - they stayed true to their professions and helped me with a dressing change. How fantastic are they? Drive all the way out from the city on a Sunday, dropping off a ton of food just to look at a disgusting thigh - um yeah they're pretty bad ass.
Kate thinks so too...

We've got a call into Dr. Jacobs to discuss what happens next. Scott is showing some signs of infection so I'm sure another round of anti-biotics is in his near future. Buy stock in medical supplies, equipment and pharmaceuticals - you'll be happy with the returns, I promise.

Well, K is stirring which will eventually turn into coughing and crying. So I'm off but not before giving a shout out to Jenn, Steve and Carter who couldn't make it to our party but sent along food to stock our freezer. Maybe I should have confessed the obscene amount of Captain Crunch I've been consuming before. My fridge and freezer have never been happier.

Thanks for taking such good care of us. I'd be lost without all of you.

And as promised we have crying - pray for me and somebody send some Xanax. It's going to be a long night.


Let's Recap

***This post was written at 2pm and is set to be published at 9pm. This is my first attempt at such advanced blogging. Crossing fingers***

Spent a fantastic Saturday evening with the best group of friends.
Here's some highlights - in no particular order

The boys perfecting their next album cover

The girls looking smart, beautiful and sassy -

My Alli Palli and I - look that's 2 photos I'm in - see what 1 adult beverage does to me.

Alli - Dan

Mark the Lucky Leprechaun

Rob - doing what Rob does best

Alli - enjoying more than 1 adult beverage - cut her some slack she's been home with a newborn

Scott and Josh - solving the healthcare reform debate

Jay'me and Becky -

I have no idea what was so funny but I can tell you that all the smiles you see are just a small taste of what the entire evening was like.

Jay'me - we call her little miss sunshine

The birds eye view

One happy group - Mark, Jay'me, Scott, Dan, me, Alli, Rob, Becky, Josh and Sere

That's it kids that brings us to the end

Get it the end..... I crack me up.....


Alive, Alive Oh!

Tonight we sat in our living room with some of our very best friends and sang this song.

Cockles and Muscles

1. In Dublin's fair city,
Where girls are so pretty,
I first set my eyes on sweet Molly Malone,
As she pushed her wheelbarrow
Through streets broad and narrow,
Crying, "Cockles and mussels, alive, alive oh"!
Alive, alive oh! alive, alive oh!
Crying, "Cockles and mussels, alive, alive oh"!

2. Now she was a fishmonger,
And sure twas no wonder,
For so were her mother and father before,
And they each wheeled their barrow,
Through streets broad and narrow,
Crying, "Cockles and mussels, alive, alive oh"!

3. She died of a fever,
And no one could save her,
And that was the end of sweet Molly Malone.
Now her ghost wheels her barrow,
Through streets broad and narrow,
Crying, "Cockles and mussels, alive, alive oh"!

You can get the melody for free from here
Just click on melody at the top left corner.

We sang it to celebrate. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Celebrate Rob's Birthday. Celebrate being together. And most importantly Scott not only being "alive, alive, oh" but sitting in his own home on his couch, surrounded by his family.

I have some fantastic pictures to share (did you doubt it?) but they are going to have to wait I'm much to tired from all the fun to process them tonight.

As Scott told me tonight after I turned out his lights, "moments like tonight mean so much to me, I wasn't sure I was going to get anymore of them."
I can understand what he's saying.

Scott and his boys feeling "Alive, alive, OH"
Thanks for coming over everyone, we've needed you more than you'll ever know.


Talk To Me Baby & The Winner

We love all the comments on here, as you know. So I'm going to do another round of commenting the comments.
I like to keep it realz and talk to my peeps.

In no particular order
Jay'me From the Bail post -
Let the Bitchin begin!
However; We do want to visit you once while your behind bars just to take pictures of you - White knuckled, teeth bared, snarling, really pissed of Brandi. We'll BLOG that....
You know they do bring you meals and take away you tray there. I hear it's pretty reliable and clean service in there

J- is this supposed to keep me out of jail? All it made me want to do is commit some petty crime where nobody would really get hurt but I would have to spend some time behind bars. And you know I would totally pose for some great photos.

Kath From the Family post
Glad you didn't have to "go Brandi" on the PT!
Thinking of you guys and feeling a need to cook something soon

K- Please, please send food. We're only an hour away. I am embarrassed to admit what we had for dinner last night. It involved cereal, leftovers, hot dogs and macaroni and cheese. Now the mac and cheese and hot dogs were organic and the cereal was Captn' Crunch WITH crunch berries but still. *Hangs head in shame*
It doesn't come close to the crawfish bisque (with stuffing balls), the chicken crepes, the seafood gumbo, andouille and duck etoufee or other delicious items you stuffed us with.

Mark from the Could It Be post
I'm sure her uncles will still be cranking out tunes then and if she isn't too embarrassed with singing Maneater or being on stage with some crusty old men then she'll have a spot on stage anytime!! :)

M- She would totally rock Maneater. But I think she might prefer some Journey.

Nate from the Could It Be post
I am supposed to be studying for finals so if you could stop updating your blog and distracting me I would appreciate it. I really want to come by and say hello (as well as bring a little scotch or other drink of your choosing) during my spring break if that would be ok with you guys.

N - As you can tell I listen really well. I'm sure you already knew that about me.
You, with or without your bottle, are welcome in our house anytime. We don't have much of a life at the moment - who am I kidding we've never had much of a life - anyways, come on out anytime. Seriously, anytime. Hell you could move in. I would only make you do dressing changes every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

RRR & Jay'me in the Could It Be post

awe hell just go back and read them...

Kids - no fighting. K can learn frog catching ways from everyone because her momma sure isn't going to teach her. Oh and RRR - HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHA!

Nancy in the Sunshine, Roses etc..
I'm wearing track shoes if you need me.

N- I LOVE this line and plan on stealing it and passing it off as my own. Just thought you should know.
Come on over anytime(see previous note to Nate). Maybe we can even coordinate with Bonnie we still need to hear about her trip down South. And we kind of miss her, having not seen her the last 2 Sundays.

And finally...
Anonymous in the Randomness - Yes it a Word post

joan rivers looks like a rat and she is white trash

Annon - All right fess up which one of you likes Miley Cyrus? We need laughter in our home so kindly fess up so we can cackle like crazy people while we wonder how you ever became our friend.
Just teasing, kind of.

And now......
With out further adieu......
The winner of the Name Scott's Tendon Contest......

There were lots of strong candidates. Casper, Tighty Whitey, Wiitis, Tendy, Chewy, White Lightning, Otis, Eastwood, Hercules, Tricky Dicky... just to name a few....

I tried them out every night. I'd use them during the day - saying things like "Alright Chewy back into bed" and "Casper, you're not so friendly today."

But in the end we went with.....

Congratulations............... KEVIN!!!!

Brand name of some fine beef jerky and bloody fun to say. Everyone try it OHHHH-Bear-Toe. It rolls off the tongue.

In the end we liked it best because it could be mean, it could be nice, and I usually say it with my Spanish accent that sounds a little Russian and makes me laugh at myself.

So what does Kevin win....

Why it's a bouquet of beef jerky! Just what everyone always wanted.
oh and tossed in the middle is your very own RUSH t-shirt.
Email us to collect your winnings.

Well, kids lots to do on this rainy Saturday. We're expecting to see some fantastic friends today.

In honor of the rain here's my favorite picture from yesterday - yes I took my kid out in the rain to play at the park. We're going stir crazy. Don't judge, she loved it.

Thanks for "chatting with me"


Could It Be?

Is spring really on it's way?

K and I spent some great time outside.

We played with the frog.

We stomped through the mud.

And K thought it was time to mow the lawn already.

Then K turned Scott's ramp into a slide.
I can tell I'll be pulling a sliver out of her butt before summer officially arrives.

Before long it became a stage.

The girl just loves to sing and dance.

It was loads of fun.

Scott had visits from OT and the nurse (so he could be discharged from nursing care). Both went well.
After lunch Scott had his first trip out of the house since he got home.
We headed out to the PCP (primary care physician). Things there went well. She was equal parts amazed and disgusted by Scott's leg. We talked over a few things and decided we need to MRI Scott's left knee. It's been bothering him a lot lately and certain motions seem to make it worse. We're pretty sure we wouldn't do any type of intervention but, it would be good to know what's going on in there.

Another pretty good day around these parts.