A Day in Numbers

1 Grammy ready geek

9 visitors to Scott's room

4 load of laundry

1 trip to Target

2 Starbucks coffees

1 excited contest WINNER

4 personal wins at hospital room Hangman

1 full minute of standing for Scott

3000* empty calories in junk food *not an actual number, just more of a feeling

3 hours in the car

1 beautiful little girl

1 exhausted, full, grateful, blessed Mama


Scott is Trouble

Scott has been causing nothing but trouble. Just look at him. Passed out drunk...AGAIN

Scott has been working super hard in PT.
We'd like to introduce everyone to PT Nate. Not to be confused with SICU Nate.

Say Hello!
Hey, you? Yes you!
I didn't hear you say hello. Try it again.
Now that was better. Thank you kindly.
I won't take any rude blog readers.

PT Nate is in his last year of school. So, that means we also get PT Kate to help supervise or "stupidvise" in Scott's case.
PT Nate makes Scotty work, real hard.

Just look he's making Scott sit up all by himself.

Come on Scotty - let's go it can't be that hard.

What's that you want to smack the camera out of my face. Come and get me big boy.

Awe, too bad. You lose.

He makes Scott work on standing too.

The standing is coming along. You'll notice there isn't quite as many people hovering around Scott.

Scott is pushing himself to his absolute limits with each stand. A few of them have lasted 45seconds. HUGE improvements.

Then there is OT. Scott has created a little bit of trouble. He's got the OT therapists fighting over who is going to work with him.

This is OT Becca. We like her.
Come back soon Becca.

All work and no play makes Scott a dull boy.
So I let him have some fun today.
Had a wonderful visit with Jen and S4.
They bribed their way into our room with pizza, rootbeer and the most heavenly cupcakes my fat ass has ever experienced.

We ate an obscene amount of pizza.

It was so incredibly tasty. It was from a little joint called "Piece" not far from the hospital. DELICIOUS!

Then there were the cupcakes.
Oh sweet heavens. Seriously life altering cupcakes. These were imported all the way from Indianapolis.

Scott gives them his seal of approval.

We ate so much food that S4 fell into a food coma and needed to try out Scott's new air matress bed.

I showed S4 my mean side and deflated the bed with him in it.

We have to do this to Scott every time we get him in or out of bed. It's pretty funny to watch. Scott agrees that it's more fun to watch than to be in the bed.

My Aunt Lynn and Uncle LaVerne drove all the way up from Iowa again to watch us lay around in our food induced haze. Had a very enjoyable afternoon with everyone.

Thanks Jen and S4 for all the great food. I don't think I will be eating again anytime soon.

Tomorrow will bring a few more visitors (YEAH!) and some more rest with a little sprinkle of work thrown in for good measure.

See you on the flip side.


Sleepy Time

The three Witt's are feeling quite sleepy. Little Witt is tucked safely in her bed already happily snoring. Daddy Witt has been given his drugs and is hopefully pain free enough to be sleeping. Mama Witt... Well Mama Witt is doing what Mama Witt does.

Full and proper update with lots of great photos tomorrow.


We've got a Weiner - I mean WINNER

Jen said...
Its the sun---meaning the sun was out!!! And yes your driving!!!

That's right it's the sun! I didn't know what it was at first when I drove in on Wednesday. And for those of you not in the area (or as a refresher to those that were in the area that day) it was snowing by 2pm.
Ahh Chicago....I love ya.

Jen is now the proud owner of an iTunes gift card!!!!!
You can load up your iPod for your 30mile runs. Wait, maybe you shouldn't win I don't like over achievers. Seriously, how do you run that much?
Alright, I'll let you win but only because I still think you're cool because you got on the kindergarten school bus the year before me. Me and my childhood psych issues again.

Lots of fun stuff happening today. More details to follow.

Disclaimer: This contest is not sponsored by iTunes. iTunes doesn't know I exist. iTunes would not know me in a dark alley or in the light of day. This prize is a direct result of a cleaning project in the home office that uncovered the extra gift cards I purchased for emergency Christmas presents. Thank you, thank you very much.


Contest Time

This contest is only good for those of us that are in the Chicagoland area. Sorry to all the out of state blog visitors. It's nothing personal, they'll be plenty more contests for everyone in the future.

Just answer one simple question - What's this?

This time I have an honest to goodness predetermined prize. The first person to correctly answer the above question will be awarded one $15 iTunes gift card. It's shiny, green and looks good in wallet. I have some excellent musical suggestions for the winner.... can you say Debbie Gibson?

Ready.... set..... GO!!

Disclaimer: This contest is not sponsored by iTunes. iTunes doesn't know I exist. iTunes would not know me in a dark alley or in the light of day. This prize is a direct result of a cleaning project in the home office that uncovered the extra gift cards I purchased for emergency Christmas presents. Thank you, thank you very much.



This is Scott - you guys remember him right??? No? Well trust me it's Scott.

This is Scott sporting the latest in hospital wear. You'll notice the shoelace waistband pants. Made of the finest burlap cotton this side of the Mississippi.

It's not a worsted wool suit from Armani but it's the first clothes he's had on in 22 days.

Scott had a very busy day today. Lots of hard work. We got him up in a wheelchair. It's the same, exact wheelchair as he had last time. You might remember it.

Look at how little Kate was....awe....

Scott worked hard all day. He had lots of visitors. Plenty of old faces, Nate (SICU), Pam (PT from last stay), Carole (OT from last stay and this stay), Keira (RN turned friend last stay), Terri (OT last stay), plus the rest of the staff that hasn't changed much.
Some new friends too, Dan (Kathy's boyfriend), Nate #2 our new PT - he's in his last year of school and is being supervised by Kate who we had on occasion during the last stay.
Things are off to a good start. Scott was completely exhausted and famished

Hello cheeseburger with ranch dressing.

Scott's pain, as expected is worse tonight. They have switched up his pain medications so hopefully we'll get things under control fast.
They also moved Scott into a new room #625. Larger more spacious accommodations for the King of JRB.

Stay tuned kids... I've got another photo contest on it's way yet this evening. This time I actually have a giveaway for the contest. Super cool, dontcha know?


Bowmen Center - FINALLY

In the words of George Jefferson -

" We're moving on up...to the east side...to a deluxe apartment in the sky" Almost.....

Here are his deluxe accommodations for now. They are working on getting us a more spacious room. Those frequent flyer miles working for us.

Here's Scott's fantastic view.

Now don't all of you come rushing down here at once.

Seriously, no complaining here. It's good to be here and moving one step forward.

Scott did PT today. He was up and standing. His stand is looking better and better. It still takes 3 of us and it's only one legged but he can stand for 30 seconds-ish with all of us holding him up. Big improvements.

Tomorrow will be a big day with some serious PT and OT. Scott is going to be exhausted, which is a good thing.

I'm feeling better. Miss K has a double ear infection AGAIN. That poor girl was up most of the night. I ended up having to have my parents drive out from Palatine (35 minutes) at Midnight to help me out. I was still feeling crappy and I knew I needed to have my A game for today so I called for reinforcements. Thankfully I have wonderful parents. Mom spent most of the night sleeping on Kate's floor. Now that's love.

Had a wonderful but too brief visit with Rod, Esther Mae and Allison today. So good to see them again. I've missed my second family so much.

Hopefully, I'll be heading home for the night shortly. Tomorrow will be another early, long day for all.


I'm Still Standing

With a little help from my friends....

Such grit and determination

I'm proud of you Scotty. I know it wasn't easy but you pushed hard today.

We're still hanging around the 8th floor. We should be moving tomorrow to JRB. We've put in our reservation requests... 6th floor with Kathy, Keira and Fran, OT with Carole, private room and Dr. Young whom we've gotten to know and admire during our tenure on the JRB Patient Advisory Council.

Keep on rocking.....


Here are a couple links with info on the mission to Haiti


a blog from one of the surgeons http://rushnews.wordpress.com/2010/01/26/mission-to-haiti-dr-jeff-mjaanes-first-blog-entry/

and for anyone on FaceBook there is a Facebook Group that is helping pay the overwhelming financial expenses to send Dr. Ben over to Haiti. He took on the expense personally but his support group has rallied (much like Scott's) to help in the financial burden. If you feel so inclined to donate or if you just can join and spread the word. http://www.facebook.com/#/group.php?gid=263316483030&ref=mf


I'm feeling a little better. Since Scott got all his activities completed this morning I went home for a nap. The next few days as Scott adjusts to life at Bowman and the 2-3 hours of physical therapy (PT) and occupational therapy (OT) (Hey Carole) I'll be spending a lot of time at the hospital to help with the transition.

It's a fantastic positive step forward. But with all change comes apprehension. It's so comforting to know that we've already got some great friends that happen to be fantastic nurses there to support us. (Don't forget our bread Kath - I'm craving)

This will serve as todays update unless Scott decides to get creative. See you on the flip side kids.


My Turn

First, thank you to all of you who took a moment to write a note for the Rush travelers. We've gotten word that the first leg of their journey has gone safely. We'll continue to send them good thoughts.

Scotty Too Hottie stood up today. He used is walker and had lots and lots of help but he was still kind of standing. He can only have weight on right right leg so the one legged stand is entertaining.
Scott's foot looks worse. Dr. Jacobs reports that it will probably continue to worsen before we hopefully see some improvement. We're hoping that all the discoloration is just from some type of injury that Scott didn't feel.
I can tell that keeping that foot injury free is going to be a real problem. Really hard to not hurt yourself when you can't feel anything.
Other than that Scott is doing well.

I on the other hand came home early, left Kate with my mom and spent the afternoon in bed. Nothing serious just a cold type thing. Probably from my sleep, stress ratio being all kinds of messed up. It's not even 8pm and I'm already in bed for the night. Hoping a good nights sleep corrects the world.

We're planning on moving Scott to JRB (the Bowmen Center) the in hospital rehab facility on Wednesday. We're waiting for Wednesday because Kathy F. nurse extraordinaire will be returning to work after an extended absence. Hoping to make your first day back a good one Kath.

That's all from here I'm too tired and achy to write any more.
Please continue to leave notes for the travelers in the previous post.


Travel Safe

There is a group of doctors and nurses from Rush that are leaving for Haiti today. In that group is our very own Dr. Ben. We wanted to take a moment and bid him adieu. Hoping for safe travels for everyone. We commend the work you're doing and we're so honored to know someone that would sacrifice so much to travel so far and help those in need.

Mrs. Dr. Ben and Charlie - we will be praying with you for Dr. Ben's safe return. As well as the safe return of all the others he's traveling with. Again we find ourselves amazed by the overwhelming amount of grace and fortitude that you posses. You are a far stronger woman than I.

May all these doctors and nurses be able to provide some assistance to the people of Haiti as they have to the people at Rush during their time here.

Travel Safe Dr. Ben. We'll see you when you return.


I would like to ask all of you, even those that don't know Scott and I directly, to take a moment and leave a little note for Dr. Ben and his fellow travlers here.
We know Dr. Ben checks this blog from time to time and I would like for him and the others to see that each and every person reading this blog is thinking of them during their journey.
We may be few but we sure are mighty.
You all have proven to anyone who reads this regularly that your love, support, encouragement and prayers can get anyone through the darkest of days.
Lets shine some light not only on those that are traveling to Haiti to help but to everyone in Haiti.

May they all have a miracle like we experience everyday.


Silent Sunday


The Sushi Night Jam Sessions

Handsome Andrew and his momma Ann were the first to arrive. I'm not sure who entertained who. Ann not only brought along the handsome baby she also brought along a delicious rose champagne. Scott only had a sip but I enjoyed a full glass. I thought about putting a straw in the bottle but showed restraint. Cheers! Here's a wonderful night. Then came the sushi. Look at this spread! Everything was phenomenal. Sorry you missed it Ann. We ate.... and ate... I didn't even take pictures of the delicious pie that Josh made. I was to busy licking my plate and the lid to the container. yes, I did actually lick the lid. *hangs head in shame* Becky tried to make out with my husband. I was to full to care. I'm not sure how but Mark and Rob (both taken - sorry ladies) fought through the sushi coma and played us some tunes. Come on kids doesn't everyone have full on jam sessions in their hospital rooms?!? If they don't they should. It's good for the soul. Thankfully the patient next door is hard of hearing. Soak it all up Scotty. This is all for you. This love, these fantastic friends they're all here for you. Feeding your mind, body and soul to get you home. Thank you everyone. You will never really understand just how much you mean to Scott and to me and Kate. Let's have the next Sushi Night Jam Sessions soon. But this time lets do it at home. ************************************************************ Ladies, This is Josh. He was the best man at our wedding. He is a wonderful friend and father. He made the delicious pie that I was to busy making out with to take pictures of. Though I did beat him in an apple pie bake off. Best part.... he's single..... Just sayin' Love ya Joshers!

Jam session video still to come. It was taking forever to load this morning and K and I have some place very important to be this morning.


Oh My!

This face makes me want to forget all my sensibilities and have another baby.

Sushi Night was a huge hit. Much, much, more to come on that tomorrow. Photos and video. That's right v.i.d.e.o. Yup, I'm a badass.

Scott is resting comfortably tonight after enjoying a wonderful evening with some of the best people on earth.


The Mother of All Updates

Are you ready? I've got a lot to say and you're all going have to listen. So sit down, hang on LETS ROLL>>>

Starter - Scott is still stable. Things are going pretty well all things considered. The "icky" spots on the foot are still there and still "icky" (at least to my standards). Another spot has come up on Scott's heel. We're just going to watch, wait and see. Dr. Jacobs isn't crazy with concern over them so I'm taking his lead.

Speaking of Dr. Jacobs. Found out he read the blog for the first time today (Hi Dr. Jacobs! Thank you for saving my husband countless numbers of times. Kate and I will never, ever be able to repay you. We're so very grateful to have you in our corner.). And what blog post does he read? That's right kids none other than my True Stories from Rush post. MORTIFIED. He seemed to find it funny, thank goodness, but still MORTIFIED.

We're hoping for a quiet weekend with some physical therapy, visits with friends (Hello Sushi Night) and some family time.

Oh, we've also moved, again... Room 549 - city views, right outside the nurses station. Just where everyone wants us.

Now, on to other things.....had a very special visitor today baby Andrew Otis Simpson, oh and his mom Ann too. Sorry Ann, we don't love you any less you're just not as cute.

I also wanted to take a moment and go back to SICU and properly thank Barbara, Barbie, Barb, Babs.
Barb was with us the day Scott decided he was going to try really, really hard to bleed to death. Barb was with us in IR when Scott started bleeding (attempt #2 for the day). She stayed calm, cool and collected. She got Dr. Ben paged, got blood going and kept Scott with us. And through it all, the entire day, she made us laugh and kept us from losing faith. Only a special few can make you really laugh on a day that was as bad as that day was.

Barbs birthday was a week ago today so we gave her a pretty rocking card.
Figured she deserved one of the special cards that plays music AND has lights.
Yeah, we're cool like that. Be jealous, it's ok.

Barb, no words girl, no words.

As many of you have noticed the SICU staff is wicked hot. Seriously I've never seen a better looking group of nurses. Just look, come on....

Oh and for those that are interested, Barb (single), Jessica (taken), and Kelly (single)
It's my blog I'll play matchmaker if I want to! Oh and I'll cuss and I'll tell really inappropriate bathroom stories.
Keeping it real people, just keeping it real.

While going through the photos for this post I also came across these.

My mom took them during Kate's visit on Wednesday.
I don't always see it when I look at her but when I look at these pictures I realize just how much she looks like me. She got mostly my DNA (thank God) but look real close, she's got Scott's perfect white teeth and long, long eyelashes.
Thankfully she also has a lot of Scott's personality as well.
Two of me, I don't think the world could handle it.

This little girl, this pouty little, sassy, spunky, funny, wild little girl.... she's the reason we get up everyday. The reason we fight so hard. The reason we love so much.

Soon baby girl. Soon.....