Happy Birthday Scott!

You loved birthdays! You didn't care too much about your own but you loved birthdays in general. A chance to be with family and friends celebrating, sharing, laughing... You loved it. You should be turning 37 today. Kate's been wondering if you get to celebrate birthdays in heaven. She's been wondering about a lot lately. Her little mind is racing with questions all the time. I do my best to answer them honestly but there are times that I just don't know what to say. If you have birthdays in heaven, do you get older? Without all that getting achy, wrinkly, forgetful crap. Or will you always be exactly as old as you were when you died (but restored to a healthy you), like Jack on Titanic? You know only wrote that so I could antagonize you into to saying "Jack, come back" in your Rose voice. That never got old, unlike a few of your jokes. That's the stuff I miss the most these days. Those little details that only we shared. The things that made us, us. I taught Kate the hand squeeze. She does it all the time. Her little hand slips into mine as we walk across a parking lot and there it is, the three little squeezes. If I'm distracted and don't notice, she does exactly what you used to do. She shakes my hand, makes a grunting noise and does it again with a sad, lost puppy dog look on her face. You are ever more present in her everyday mannerisms. I couldn't be happier. We're going to Daddy Lake today. Uncle Joshers is taking us fishing. Kates first time. We went to Daves Bait and Tackle and got Kate line for her reel. Kate loved it there and Dave loved having her there. Future summer job??? Kate asked to send balloons up to you. She sat down with me last night and had me help her write you a note. You're so very alive in our hearts. Dinner at Crandalls with some of the gang. Everyone wants to raise a glass (or broasted chicken wing) to you. Happy Birthday Baby! Always, B.

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Happy Birthday friend. We miss you
AO and fam

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