I almost forgot

I have no idea how this got omitted from my obsession post yesterday but...

Yummy, fresh, in season, CHERRIES!

My hands are red. My tummy is full. My kitchen is a mess.

This recipe for cherry brownies and this recipe for cherry pie are heavenly.
I tried this too but I hate cilantro so I substituted mint. Yeah, not so much. It's going to need some tweaking if it's going to make another apperance at my table. Anyone have any suggestions?

A birthday party for an awesome 5 year old boy and dinner with some family friends that are in town from Iowa on the docket for the weekend. Hoping to mix in a little time in the water with my best girl to continue my quest to get her to not HATE the water.
What are you doing with weekend?

Sere  – (August 8, 2011 at 12:38 AM)  

Hi chickie!
Did you have any luck with KT and the water? I have a fish for a son so no such issues around our house, but I wish you good luck in your quest :).

Love ya!

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