I Wish I could

While paying for my Starbucks the other day, the barista noticed my ring. It's not my wedding ring but it resides on my left ring finger none the less. She inquires about it.
"That's gorgeous. Is it a sapphire?"
I reply "Oh thank you. I love it. It's a blue diamond actually."
Her - "Well, that's even better. I love how unique it is. I've never seen anything like it before. Tell your husband I said Good Job."
Me - "I wish I could."
Her - puzzled look
Me - "He died this past March."
Her- "I'm so sorry. Would you like a salted caramel chocolate on the house?"
Me - "No thanks." The tears rolled down my cheeks.
The first time I tried a salted caramel chocolate was the day Scott died. S12 brought one over (with a coffee) for me a day or so before Scott passed. It sat on the counter until I noticed it when I returned to the kitchen from closing the door behind the gurney carrying Scott's body. I stood, numb, at the counter in the kitchen, listening to the silence and staring out the windows into the yard that Scott loved so much eating that caramel.

It's the punches when you're already a bloody mess on the ground that hurt the worst.

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