A week late and a $1000

Forget day late and dollar short....
I'm a week late and we've raised $960 to go toward EDNF. I rounded up and made it an even $1000 that was mailed ot EDNF today.
I can't believe the kindness, generosity and love from everyone. JacksonFest 2011 was a huge success. We raised just under $700 that night alone.

$320 of that came from Josh shaving his head. Ann had the correct guess and is the winner of the $25 gift card. Ann, give me a text, email, signal fire... whatever and we'll get that gift card in the mail.

I can't believe its been two week since JacksonFest. What a long two weeks it's been. I've had time to forget the pain in the ass downpour that started right at 1pm.

It's amazing how you don't remember the crap. How the great moments are the ones that stick with you.

The first wave of people venturing out in the unstable weather to listen to some music and lend their support.

The shrieks of delight as all the kids took their turn with the pinata.

The quiet moments in between the music. Where happy little boys found their grandmas lap and enjoyed a book.

So much love and snuggling through the night.

Animals of every kind into the spirit of the night.

Everyone gathered in love, friendship, family and music.

Something Scott would have loved.
Dick Banjo Orchestra (DBO)
Dow Jones and the Industrials
Wasted Pterodactyls
Bill Liggett - I could seriously listen to this man sing all day long.

And the special guest star.... Scott looking down from the heavens.

I know he was there. He could never miss a show.

Now that I've managed to get this post finished (finally) I've got lots more to say. Plenty more to share.

Thank you for bearing with me during the hiatus. Thank you for giving financially but more importantly for giving your heart, soul, friendship, kind words, and love. There are no words to express my gratitude.

Anonymous –   – (August 29, 2011 at 10:29 AM)  

HI! I believe i am the Ann you are looking for with the correct guess. I am friends with Morgan (in your photo group) and she turned me onto your blog. I just returned from vacation. I am pretty sure it was my guess, but because things have been hectic in my life, if another Ann has reached out to you and claims the winning guess, then ok as well! Here is my email, please email me and let me know if I am the winner! Thanks so much, and I love your blog!

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