It's been absolutely nutty around here the past week. We're in full "get ready for party" mode. We've run errands. We returned the items during the first shopping trip. We ran another set of errands. We've printed. We've processed. We've planned. We've negotiated. We've obsessed. We've emailed. We've organized.

The day is finally upon us.

The Scott Witt Memorial JacksonFest 2011 is tomorrow.

EDNF better be ready for some serious donations.

The minivan is loaded. (Yes, I had to borrow the minivan from my parents to haul all my crap to Mark and Jay'me's. This party is serious business.)

I'm looking forward to it. To be honest, I'm looking forward to having it finished. There has been something about this party that has really kicked my ass. It's not the planning or the errands and such, that I can do with my eyes closed while sipping a Starbucks. It's been this overwhelming feeling of not letting Scott down. He's been so present in everything that I've been doing this past two weeks that I once again feel a little like I'm drowning.
It's been good for me to do this though. Going through pictures, thinking of unique ideas that he would love, coming up with stories to share... it's been so good for me. But, I'm left feeling a little raw. A little lonely.

It's helped having so many awesome people around to offer their support and help. BigDan and Kathy cooked up 12lbs (YES 12lbs) of sloppy joes for us to enjoy tomorrow. They can't make the party but wanted to lend a hand. They are so awesome! Saint Ann (Tom, Ann and Andrew) has gotten a SnowCone machine for the kids tomorrow and was making arrangements for a pinata. WOOHOO! Give me that stick! Mark and Jay'me of course have been running faster, harder and wilder than I have. My parents have been on stand by mode all week as I've bounced around. Always helping watch Kate or letting me borrow their car.
People that I don't even know that well, and that never met Scott have come out of the woodwork offering to do anything to support the cause. Some have asked if we wanted some valets for parking. Others have asked if they could donate even if they weren't going to be able to attend.
The answer is YES, please and THANK YOU!!!
You can make checks payable to EDNF and you can mail them to 7945 Dunhill Drive Village of Lakewood, IL 60014. If you're more of an internet based operation and would like to give to EDNF online. You can visit their website and click the donate button. Be sure to put Scott Witt in the donation for box. Every dollar counts.

Oh wait, I almost forgot. Pictures of Jay'me's surprise 40th birthday.

If you give me the task (or I take on the task) of making a birthday cake for you, you should be afraid. Very, very afraid.
This particular, 6 layer cake was moist and delicious. But that wasn't the highlight. For those of you that don't know, it's very popular right now to wrap a baby shower cake in baby diapers. I took that a step farther and wrapped Jay'me's 40th birthday cake in adult diapers. Depends to be exact.
I then added all the things that "old farts" need. Some Advil, a little Tiger Balm for the sore joints, a magnifying glass, a few packs of Polident denture cleaner, a giant pill box and some suppositories for good measure.
Yep, I had FUN making this cake.

The best moment of the evening though, was knowing that Jay'me was truly surprised.
A good moment, in deed.

Tomorrow will be here soon enough. I really hope to see many of you there. Oh and don't worry about the rain. Kate and I have been asking Scott for some help in that regard and if he can't come through, we've got a big tent so the fun won't be interrupted. Plenty of room for the bands to play and for everyone to hang out. Let's hope the tent is offering us a break from the sun and not from the rain.

I'm ready to "light the Jackson". Are you?

Colleen  – (August 13, 2011 at 8:20 AM)  

have a great time today and I hope everything is a huge success!

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