Little Surprises

In an attempt to purge my every expanding amount of clutter, I've been weeding through things both in the house and on the computer.

I just found one of Scott's last emails to me. I didn't really read it at the time. He sent it just two weeks before he died, I was "too busy" then to look at it. I'm just so glad I didn't delete it.
I can hear his voice in his written words. I miss that voice so much. I hate to think that I'm getting to the point now where I won't have any more of these surprises. Where I've seen everything there is to see.
So much time has passed now. Everything has changed. The world has moved on and it's moved on without him. He's already missed so much. So many sunrises and sunsets, family dinners, birthdays, an entire session of dance classes. The last time he was out of the house alive, there was snow on the ground. The snow is gone, long gone, for now at least. Spring has come and gone and we're well into the dog days of summer. Before long snow will be here again and he will have missed it all.
There are days that it's just not fair.
The world isn't the same without him. He simply made it a better place.

His words exactly as written -
You were helping me with my "email rip the hair out of my head" nightmare with this, but I forgot to show these pictures to you. They are great. It's what you get when you take a new toy and tree puppies. You don't even need to stir! Gladie's is the black one, I love the way her tail curls.

Colleen  – (July 24, 2011 at 10:36 PM)  

how precious to come across that. hope you guys are doing ok B!

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