Wedding, Weeding and Water

Oh so sleepy. Oh so sore. Oh so content.

Friday afternoon Kate and I (Scott was there too) headed downtown to the big City to join BigDan and Kathy for their church wedding.

The crazy kids, got married on a whim on a random Tuesday (or was it Thursday, I forget.) by the Justice of the Peace, quite a few months ago. This was to unite them, honor them, and shower them with love in the church where they give so much of their time, energy and love.

The day was absolutely gorgeous. Picture perfect to be exact.

The service was beautiful and I found out that even though Kate didn't have a clue as to what was being sung she joined in and made up her own words or just hummed along. After the service, we adjourned to the serene garden behind the church.

Dan and Kathy, being the wonderful, smart, people that they are gifted everyone with a picnic blanket. Homemade (by the bride and groom - maybe I should rethink the smart comment) food, live music, lanterns in the trees... Stunning.

I could feel Scott there all afternoon. Sitting right next to us, smiling, rejoicing. I wonder if I will ever go to a wedding and not be flooded by memories of Scott and my wedding day. I hope not.

The remainder of the weekend was spent with my best girl, at home... mostly. I spent approximately 6.2 million hours in the jungle (yard, whatever). It's almost done. I'm so close. I ran out of daylight or there would be proof of how far I've come.
To make up for all the time I was spending outside working, I took Kate on a picnic dinner to one of our favorite places, Main Beach. That gift from Dan and Kathy, really came in handy.

Kate and I sat by the waters edge and talked about all kinds of things. She told me about sitting on Daddy's lap and taking pictures in that exact spot. We talked about what going to college means. She burst into tears and begged me to not send her away to college. We talked about moving and how you get to take all your things to your new house. Then we went on to discuss Strawberry Shortcake and if she wears panties.
Yep, a conversation with a four year old will bring you a little bit of everything.

A very long, very busy weekend filled with nothing but soul nurturing moments. Exactly what I needed.
Here's hoping your weekend was the same.

Melissa  – (July 11, 2011 at 4:21 PM)  

AMAZING.. ALL. OF. IT. AMAZING! :) Love you girl.. love your blog.. even if it's just a journal to keep you sane... one day you (or Kate) will look back and be grateful you took this time to keep memories.. good and bad they all make up a life.

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