Calgon... take me away...

Screw Calgon. Sadly, I've never been much of a bath fan. If it was my slogan it would be "Piper Warrior... take me away."
That's exactly what I did on Saturday.

There is just something about being in the air that quiets me. Up there you can't worry about money. You can't think about how Kate is mourning. There are no fleeting thoughts of all the responsibilities on the ground.

I feel tiny up there. I remember that my life is just a teeny, tiny blip on the radar of life. My issues, my problems, my saddness and worry, just don't matter.

Flying a short 40 minutes puts me so far away from home while still being close enough. Jump in the little Jeep. The Jeep that was mine when I found my passion for building buildings. Letting my hair fly in the wind. Twisting and turning down the roads to my happy place.

The place where my soul was born many, lifetimes ago. I know at the top of that hill is hard work. I know my hands will ache, my back will stiffen and I'll be gasping for breath. I know it and I love it. I crave it.

The beauty and the majesty surrounding me. Again, I feel small. No more or less important than the ants working hard to build their home.

This place, trips like this, forever and always a part of me.

Until the skies call me again. I will rest here on earth.

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