Pick me up

As I've been lamenting to anyone that will listen, it's been a rough week and a piece.
Really rough. Quite possibly the hardest week I've had in the last five months.
To combat this rough time, I've been squishing in as much "fun" as possible. Kate and I are on the go non-stop. Unfortunately more than about five minutes of "calm" reduces me to tears. Tears of anger. Tears of fear. Tears of uncertainty. But more than anything else, tears of longing.

Because, I don't want to/can't dwell on that. I've put together a little list of sorts. A few things that are make me happy, give me smiles (which I do have and are very genuine I assure you), and make me feel warm inside.

Late summer flowers.

I don't know why but late summer flowers have always been my favorite. The boldness of spring has gone and soft, delicate wisps are left in their place.

Seeing Kate laugh.

Every parents knows this one. It's simply the best feeling in the world.

Watching Kate sound out and read words.

It's just sight reading but, good heavens, I love it.

Meeting new people that become family after the first visit.

So many people have reached out to me. Offering kind words, love, prayers, and friendship. I've talked to a few. Had email exchanges with a few others. And in the case of Amy and her girls, have gotten together with. Anyone that will waddle like a penguin with your kid, is good people.

My dad's new employment.

A few weeks ago, my dad lost his job. I didn't blog about it. I didn't for a few reasons. 1) It's his business. This blog is my business and I want my family to feel like they still can keep some things private. 2) I couldn't face it. One more HUGE piece of bad hitting my family. I had had enough. 3) When so many other people have been out of work for long periods of time I found it hard to complain.
But I'm very, VERY happy to say, my dad now has a new, better than the last, job. A job that I know he'll do great in. A job that has brought renewed spirits to the family. A job that I hope is the stepping stone down the path toward the blue skies for my family.

The circle of friends.

Not to be confused with the "new" people that have reached out, the older friends have been so supportive. They laugh with me, they cry with me, they send me letters, cards, emails all with the intent of making me feel better.

I could continue this list. I could go on and on and on. But I've got a very dear friend stopping by. He says it's for the Cinnamon pull apart bread I just pulled out of the oven, but I know it's his way of checking in on me and making sure I'm doing ok.

I'm going to load up this weekend with as much good as I can. What will you be doing?

Karen  – (September 3, 2011 at 9:35 AM)  

You're on the right track, kiddo. Life can be overwhelmingly sad, but focusing on the little things, like Kate's smile, make all the difference in the world. ((hugs))

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