It's my brother Matt's 35th birthday. He's really old and stuff.
Kate picked out his card and gift all by herself. She's gotten much better at picking out presents. She chose a blue balloon with music notes and Happy Birthday written on it. Blue because "it's his favorite color". Music notes because "he plays music on his guitar" and Happy Birthday because, well... it's his birthday.
Along with the perfectly chosen balloon was a pretty fab green t-shirt that she told him all about the second she saw him. It's not the "bestest guitar in the world" that she wanted to get him but it fit into the budget.

I made bananas fosters for dessert. Turned out more like bananas soaked in lots of rum. Tasty!

The wind is whipping. It's been raining for days. I found out today that at some point in this rain, my almost 2,000sq ft basement flooded. Went down to a musty smell and wet concrete. No standing water any longer. I haven't yet begun the challenge of clean up. That will come tomorrow with the dumpster.
It can stop raining now.

I have such great friends. Offers of help, loaning of fans, access to commercial grade disinfectants and some pretty funny emails and texts to help me laugh instead of cry.

My dad found a record (a real honest to goodness record) that was a recording of my great grandma Mabel playing piano and her and my great grandfather Frank speaking to my Grandma Donna. I never met Grandpa Frank and I never got to hear Grandma Mabel play piano. Grandma Mabel was a famous piano teacher and I always loved going to her home to play on her baby grand. The record was recorded two years before my dad's birth. Incredible is an understatement.

It's Thursday, it's raining and I'm tired. 'Night

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