A Beautiful Day

Kate and I did so many things that would have made Scott smile.

Kate has recently been asking about where people lived when they were kids. So I drove past Scott's family home. We stopped and stared out the window. She marveled over how beautiful it is. I remembered posing on the front lawn for wedding pictures. She loved all the trees. I loved remembering the smell of the magnolia tree out front. As we pulled away from the house I told Kate the story of how Scott proposed in that house. How he got down on one knee in the kitchen after making me his "signature" meal.

Then we enjoyed some more of this record heat by hanging out by the beach. Scott LOVED being by a lake. Or if he had his way, fishing on the lake. The best part of that beach is we were there with Scott last fall so she actually remembers being there with him.

A family dinner at Tony's Pizza Peddlers Restaurant. Enjoying mushrooms, the bread basket and toasting to Scott's birthday.

An ice cream on the way home because Kate became quite upset realizing we didn't have birthday cake for Scott. There is no better way to say "Happy Birthday" than with ice cream.

The tears came and went as we navigated through the day. But nothing was better than
Baby Girl singing "Happy Birthday to Daddy" after I left her room. It will be something I never forget.

Happy Birthday Scotty!

Anonymous –   – (June 9, 2011 at 2:22 AM)  

I am glad you and Kate had such a good day heat and all.I am a night owl so I know the feeling of clock watching.We are leaving for Denver on Friday.We were supposed to take the train but alas it was canceled.Flooding of the Missouri river.Julie is flying and the rest of us are driving.Oh joy!I will never give in she shouted.Back on the 19th.Bonnie is dog-sitting for my beloved Mathilda.Love Nancy

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