Bizarre and Random

It's been a bizarre day. Moments where I'm feeling fine. Where I almost forget. They are quickly followed by moments where I can remember details I had never recalled before. Which usually spawn into moments of sadness, longing or heartache.

Ahh such is life.

You're looking at a few photos off my cell phone. I think they support my bizarre and random feeling today. Just random tidbits of life from the past year that I've captured. And just like my day, they come with a variety of emotions.

Isn't it strange how life works sometimes? Everything comes in bits and pieces and when you look back you realize all those little moments are the definition of your life.

Like my half eaten chicken milanese from one of Scott's favorite restaurants. He used to joke that if he won the lottery he would put a helicopter pad on the roof of Tony's Restaurant so he could fly over anytime he liked.
Eating at Tony's last week didn't bring me heartache. It brought me joy. I remembered all those wonderful times. The fighting over mushrooms that would happen between he and my father. The declaration Mom and I made that if he and dad were going to get the world's smelliest seafood pastas they would find themselves sitting at another table. Kate playing with the other baby in the mirrored walls when she was just a wee one.
One picture of some half eaten food gives me all that. Bizarre.

Maybe the heat of the day has finally gotten to me. I took this photo at 4:30pm tonight as Kate and I drove home from Palatine. Hot! Too Hot! Especially when you've spent the day working on a dirty, dusty, job site.

Maybe my brain is just fried. It's possible.

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