I'm part of a band


Kate informed me today on our drive home from Grandma and Papa's house that she's going to turn 5, go to kindergarten, and sing on the radio.
I told her that was a great idea and said she should start practicing her singing.

"I know Mama, I will. Don't worry you can come with me to the radio. You and Grammy and Papa and Uncle and Uncle Matty and Auntie Blue. Oh and Daddy."

me -"Wow Kate thanks for letting all of us come with you."

"You can play the instruments. Mom, you play the piano. Grammy can play the guitar. Um.. Papa, he can play the other piano."

me -"That's quite a band you have."

"No, mom that's not all of dem. Uncle he playing the bongos. Uncle Matty he gonna play the other guitar cuz we need lots of guitars. Umm... Auntie Blue I think, she can play the horn."

me- "What about Daddy?"

"Um, he can play the guitar too. Uncle Matty can help if he get to tired."

me- "And you're going to sing?"

"Well, and I um, play the drums with the symbols. I like the noise it go *crash,crash*."

So there you have it... move over Partridge Family.

*Photos taken from our Iowa hotel stay and have no relevance what so ever to this story. I just wanted to share them. Giddy up*

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