"It be ok"

Dressing changes with Kate around are becoming funnier. Nothing phases that little girl.
Scott had an appointment with the neurologist today (all is status quo) after dinner we did his leg dressing and were getting him settled in bed. Kate doesn't get to see many dressing changes, maybe one a month. She loves to help when she's awake.

As I'm preparing to get Scott's leg unwrapped she starts singing "I can't wait to see the boo boo's. I can't wait to see them." She officially made up a song about it.
During the dressing change, as Scott is bleeding everywhere, she looks at him from her up close spot on the floor, reaches up towards him and soothingly says "it's ok Daddy. It be ok. I'm right here. It's just a little blood."

Today was one of those I fucking hate being an adult days for me. Really, truly I hate being an adult some days. So thankful for that extra big hug Kate gave me at bedtime. That snuggle reminded me of all the reasons to never give up.
What would I do with out her.

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