Marky Mark

Braved the elements last night to go out and support Mark in his solo, acoustic guitar, endeavors. He was the headlining musician at an event called Lucy's Cafe at the Raue Theater here in town.

I'm such a good friend I even ran outside in the -2degree weather to take this photo.
Special thanks to RWO for the photo edit.

Scott, unfortunately, had to miss out on the fun. Temps this cold and 6+ inches of snow and ice on the ground just doesn't lend itself to taking out a guy in a wheelchair.
I called Scott a couple times and let him listen along. He missed a great event.
There was plenty of this


and this

I didn't get any of these things but I got the chance to perfect this type of photo. I win!

On top of the excellent photo ops I got some terrific music with some terrific people. An excellent evening out.

And because it's my blog and I want to.... here are some random photos that I want to share but that I'm too lazy to write something fun to go along with.

Tomorrow is the Bears vs Packers play off game. It's kind of a big deal around these parts. Heading over to my parents so Scott has someone to enjoy the game with. We'll be anxiously waiting for the photo from SICU Nate who is a lucky punk and has front row seats to the game.

Are you watching the game? Where from? And most importantly (to me at least) whatcha' eating'?

Go Bears!

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