My Bed

I have a beautiful, queen size, cherry finish sleigh bed. It's got a thick, comfy pillow top mattress, clean sheets and a fluffy down comforter on it. I've missed it terribly.
So glad to be home from our Iowa trip. I LOVE my family and it was terrific to see so many of them for our Reese family Christmas celebration but my bed... it's the bomb.
Do you think it would be too much to pack up my bed next time we travel and take it with? Might as well pack up Scott's bed too because let me tell you having Scott in a non-hospital bed is a royal pain in the ass (both his and mine). Good thing Kate loves her kid sized air mattress, a small U-Haul should be enough.

Special thanks to my dad for driving all 14 hours of our trip. Additional thanks to my mom for helping me entertain Miss K in the car for those 14 hours. Special recognition to Disney for making the Disney Princess Stories which played steadily on the in-car DVD.
Last but certainly not least, to my husband and my father... this song, is never to be played again. Even if Kate is the one requesting it.

We heard this song so much this weekend Kate knows all the words and has her own little dance to it. Sigh...

Proper homage paid to the photos taken along our little journey tomorrow. For now, I must conquer the laundry beast that has yet again firmly entrenched itself in my home.

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