Books... I love books. They have always been a place for me to hide, to dream or to garner further knowledge.

As I've mentioned before I'm a big fan of my Sony eReader. So little, cute and tiny. Fits right into my purse and allows me to "read" any number of books at once.
I'm pretty sure I lamented here that my eReader didn't make it off my ill fated return flight a month ago. So while I've been waiting on American Airlines and FedEx to get their acts together I picked up an actual book at Target the other day to tide me over.

Typically I don't get much time to read. Maybe a few minutes in the drive thru line at Starbucks or while waiting to pick K up from school. That's one of the reasons I've enjoyed the eReader so much. I just shove it in my purse and there it sits waiting for me whenever I have a second to show it some love.

I had thought I would just wait until I got my reader back to start a new book but then as I cruised down the Target aisle on Saturday stalling for time, waiting for the monsoon to settle down outside I saw it. A book I just simply had to have.

I knew I would probably read it and cry like a baby. As I put it in the cart I sent a warning text to Alli that I might need an intervention later on to save me from myself and this book that could possibly render me a sobbing, horrific mess, unable to leave my bed for days.

You see the book is titled "By The Time You Read This" by Lola Jaye. The title alone should have sent me running in the other direction. I mean come on Brandi, what good do you think is going to come out of a book with that title? But, alas, I'm a gluten for punishment.

I'll save you the clicky link and give you a synopsis. It's about a girl in England who's father passes away after an extended illness when she's five years old. Fast forward a few years and her Aunt gives her the "Manual" that her father wrote for her.
The book goes on to chronicle the girls life, giving us excerpts from the "Manual" as she grows. The girl gets to read a special entry each year on her birthday and then there is a section of miscellaneous items that she can read any time. It follows her until her 30th birthday which is the age her father was when he passed.

First of all, I have a thing with British lingo. I simply love it. I'm all about using a good "bloke" or "loo" when appropriate.
Second, it's about a daughter losing her father at a very young age. Need I say more?

I couldn't wait to get started and read the first couple chapters while K did her wind down before nap time on Saturday. Got a little more in Saturday evening but was too exhausted to read much. By the time Sunday night rolled around I was halfway through the book. Then today, for the first time in a long time I accomplished nothing during Kate's nap time. Well, unless you count finishing the second half of the book.

You see, once I hit a certain spot in a book I simply can't stop. Scott came in from therapy when I had about 20 pages to go. I very quickly and efficiently got him situated and handed him the remote. I told him "I have 20 pages left and you know how I get". That was all I needed to say. He didn't speak a word to me until I closed the book. Such a good husband.

I didn't cry nearly as much as I expected. In fact it left me feeling a little hopeful. Maybe Kate can be like this girl. Maybe despite her father's death, she can grow, thrive and love unconditionally.

I don't see the book winning any major awards but I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good book, with a few laughs and a little heartache.

The whole concept of a "manual" had me thinking about what I would want to share with Kate should I not be around. I think that this blog, is a good start. But, I'm certainly feeling like I need to do more.

Now, I have two very important questions for you, my family.
1) What book should I read next? I'm in serious need of inspiration. I read all types of books so just share with me your personal favorite or favorites.


2) If you have a child do you have a "manual" of any kind? And if you don't mind sharing, how you do it? Again, I'm looking for inspiration.

Yesterdays post will be edited shortly to answer questions from the comments section and to fix the picture that Blogger didn't load correctly.

Another day at Rush tomorrow. As always with the big, yearly MRI, we're hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.
Our dear friend SICU Nate texted to me a few minutes ago with "please tell Scott not to have a aortic aneurysm if he can".
I told him Nate, let's just hope he's listening.

Anonymous –   – (June 15, 2010 at 12:13 AM)  

Brandi,that looks like a wonderful park.As far as the manuel,a tape recording of someone telling their child about their life and their dreams and expections and hopes for their childs life would be a blessed gift.Also a keepsake,a locket with a picture for when the child gets older.I believe even at Kates age you never forget a loving face,the memory is embedded in your heart.There is a book called"Why bad things happen to good people",its written by a Rabbi and its very insightful.Hope I helped.Love Nancy

Anonymous –   – (June 15, 2010 at 9:33 PM)  

"Eat, Pray, Love"?? Sounds like a book you would is very good. Maybe "The Glass Castle"? Kind of depressing, but inspirational indeed!
Scott- I hope you're CT results turn out okay. Have a wonderful week! :)

Anonymous –   – (June 16, 2010 at 7:57 PM)  

Brandi, I have a friend designing the cover of a custom journal with Carter's initials and whatnot (she is a very talented artist who does a lot of custom artwork for children's items). I am planning on using this to write to him on each birthday of his life. It will give me something to write in as I reflect on him, Steve and I, how the year has been with him (the good the bad and the ugly), his growth, my happy memories, my concerns, and everything else. I want to do it every year of his life until he turns 18. Then I plan to give it to him someday as a gift when he has a baby. Just a thought. I know another woman who writes a letter to her daughter each year on her birthday and seals it up and places it in a box for her. She intends to give her the letters one day when she is an adult. Just another thought. Let me know if you want my friend's info who customizes these kinds of items.

Jenn, Steve, and Carter :)

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