Eleven Things

Here are a few random tidbits of information for you.

1) I got a smile today that was so real, so genuine, so pure, so full of love, hope and faith that I wanted to capture it on film but without my camera I had to just capture it in my heart. Maybe it's better there anyways, I don't have to share.

2) I hate knees. Men and women. Knees are just plain ugly.

3) Kate had popcorn, a lollipop and cereal for dinner tonight. It's just what happens when you see a movie at 4:40pm.

4) I am planning a day for Kate to go to Grandmas so I can watch Deadliest Catch and cry for the entire day.

5) We're going to a baseball game on Monday. It will be my first baseball outside of Wrigley Field.

6) I need more weddings in my life.

7) Now that Kate says her full name I feel kind of bad that we gave her such a long name. Poor girl can barely spit it out.

8) Today is my brothers birthday. Happy 25th Justin!

9) My Grams is having major foot/ankle replacement and reconstruction surgery on Monday and I hate that I'm not going to be with her. And I secretly want to see what her foot looks like post op.

10) Kate can't say "yellow" correctly so I insist on pointing it out everywhere we go because I love that she still sounds like a baby when she says it.

11). Scott hasn't been feeling well for the past 5 days. I'm dreading Monday if he doesn't start getting better tomorrow.

There you have it 11 random things that are bouncing around in my head.
Terrifying isn't it?

Anonymous –   – (June 28, 2010 at 4:17 AM)  

What movie did you see?We saw ToyStory 3 the other day.I thought it was great,so did Teagan.
You would really think knees are gross if you saw my left one,I banged into something and got a huge bruise and it looks like a doorknob.How's that for attractive.I hope Scott starts feeling better.Love to all.Nancy

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