A little mobile blogging this morning. I'm up and out the door already after only a few short hours of sleep.

Had a great time at the Milwaukee Brewers vs. Houston Astros game. Expect lots of pictures later today.

Scott may never recover from being out until 2am. He slept a little on the way home which contributed to us to missing our exit, this tacking on an extra 25minutes to our trip. (I suck)

My Grams surgery went well. I haven't spoken with her yet but her darling friend Kay called in the report last night on our way to the game. (Thanks Kay)
I think the worst part for Grams will be the recovery. A full 8 weeks of not being able to put any weight at all through her leg. Always keeping it elevated, which means laying on her back.
Yuck! I'm thinking I need to increase Scott's cell phone minutes. They can entertain each other.

More later with photos.

Jen Pfaff –   – (June 29, 2010 at 11:53 AM)  

Glad Tuesday is off to a good start! You crazy kids out to all hours of the night :0) I am glad the game went well and you had fun--which is the key!

Hugs and lots of love

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