I am a Spoiled Brat

I have a problem. Well, honestly I have a lot of problems but this one... this is a biggie.

Do you see this? This is Adams Extract vanilla. It is the key ingredient to making my Grams famous chocolate cake. We discovered right after Kate was born that even if Grams herself made her famous chocolate cake in this beautiful Land of Lincoln, it just didn't turn out right. After much debate and trial and error spanning a year, it was discovered that the only thing different from Grams cakes made in Iowa (where she lived while I was growing up) or in Texas was Adams Extract.
So you're thinking this is just not a big deal right? Just go buy Adams vanilla and shut up about it. Right?

WRONG. You cannot get Adams vanilla in my neck of the woods. I have scoured the area. Every major grocery, all the Mom and Pop general stores, every place imaginable to no avail. The only place that I know you can purchase this fabulous extract that has become a piece of soul is in the great state of Texas.
Yes, Texas. Home to longhorn cattle, blue bonnets, ten gallon hats, cowboys and Adams Extract vanilla. Lucky for me Grams resides in this great state and supports my increasingly more deranged addiction.

For my birthday this past December Grams sent me 3 bottles of delicious goodness. I've used it in the 12 different types of cookies I made at Christmas. The 5 pies for Thanksgiving. The 9 or so pies for Christmas. Pancakes, waffles, muffins,cookies, brownies and anything else that requires any amount of vanilla. It makes everything just that much better.

And now to the point (yes I have one). I have a horrible, shameful confession to make.
Thursday morning I reach into my cupboard and realize that I only have one, yes ONE, bottle left of my vanilla. I have gone thru two bottles of vanilla since December. I have a problem.
I start to sweat and panic. I can feel the bile rising in my throat. What am I going to do? Should I get on a plane? Do I dare ask my Grams to purchase some vanilla and send it to me just 4 days before her major surgery? Do I beg my Grams, the woman who has barely been able to walk for weeks to trudge out to the grocery store purchase more vanilla and then go to FedEx and ship me the recently purchased vanilla? Can I really be so selfish, so heartless?

And like divine intervention my phone rings. Grams is calling. It's like she knows. I figured the universe was telling me to be a selfish brat and ask for my vanilla. So I did.
My Grams, being the terrific, caring, loving, wonderful woman she is, went out in the Texas heat, in writhing pain, just days before a surgery that would leave her bed bound for eight weeks, and got me six bottles of of my drug.
Ok, so she was not writhing in pain and she knows the perfect times of the day to avoid the heat but you get the point.

I am spoiled, my Grams is the best ever and if you ever come over for dessert I guarantee to spoil you with some Adams Extract.

This is not a paid advertisement. This is purely my brain hard at work after only 2 short hours of sleep last night. I shall now tuck my six bottles of vanilla into bed next to me and retire for the night.

Nick  – (June 30, 2010 at 2:42 PM)  

If you find yourself in absolutely dire straits again, you can always go to the 'net!


Kinda pricey, 'though...

SCrim  – (December 30, 2011 at 2:23 PM)  

We laughed so hard after reading your Blog....we loved it. The only thing that made us sad was that Adams Best vanilla is not avlable yet where you live. ( we are working on that! )

Thanks for sharing your story , hope you don't mind, we linked it on our Facebook Fan page.

Happy new year...and thanks for loving Adams!

Sterling Crim CMO- Managing Partner
Adams Extract & Spice

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