Unwanted Visitors

Normally the Witt house is pretty much an open door policy. I'm a firm believer in welcoming everyone into our home. Just don't stop over expecting my house to be spotless. There are going to be toys, a few crumbs and in all likely hood a dirty dish, if you don't mind walking over it we don't mind either.

Today though, we had an uninvited, unwanted guest. The fucker is lucky he made it out alive. If I had the ability to kill, he would be dead.

Picture this -
Nap time at the Witt house. K is sleeping peacefully in her bed. Scott is resting on the sofa in the living room and I'm in my room preparing tax documents (don't worry I filed an extension).
Suddenly I hear Scott calling for me. Normally, especially when K is sleeping, Scott just sends me a text message. So, as his yelling is getting louder I'm getting more panicked.
By the time I get downstairs I'm prepared for the worst.
Below is the actual conversation that followed (as best as I recall).

Scott - "there's a mouse over there?"
Me - "a What? where?
Scott - "a mouse on the back of the love seat, over there."
Me - "wha... holy mother fuckers, what in the hell is he doing in here? What the fuck do I do? I can't touch that thing? What am I supposed to do?"
Scott - "get a bucket and..."
Me - "by the time I get a bucket, he'll be long gone. What the hell?"
Scott - "you need to trap him."
*I run into the kitchen and grab a tupperware off the counter.*
Me - "how the hell, where did he come from?"

I'll skip past all the details that involve a ton of curse words and just skip to the end.
The offending visitor was trapped in a bucket and taken to the ditch at the back of our property.
Don't mess with the Mama Witt, you won't like the end result.

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