Praise Jesus!

Blogger has been "down" for three days. For three entire days I have had to go without blogging. I ended up needing two coffees a day to get through the last two days because I just couldn't take it.

So here I am, back writing, happy and all hopped up on the second jolt of caffeine for the day. Can you say twitchy?

So much to say. I don't even quite know where to begin. How do other bloggers do it - skip a week or two and go back to writing? My brain is running so fast I my obscenely long fingers can barely keep up.

Lets start with a little Scotty update. Scott has been doing alright. He's got yet another UTI, this one actually causing him some discomfort but it's nothing he (and his supply of narcotics) can't handle.
He's got an unplanned appointment with Dr. Jacobs on Wednesday. The leg is doing some nasty, nasty things, again. I'm just hoping it's something we can "clean up" in the office and not in the operating room.
We'll have another planned appointment with Dr. Jacobs on Tuesday the 15th for Scott's yearly MRI and check-up. This will give us a good look at all his known aneurysms to see how they are behaving.
I can't grumble too much about having to drive into the city in such close succession because I can still remember the numb feeling in my ass from making the drive every day for most of January and February.

Scott is getting ready to celebrate his 35th birthday tomorrow. We had an impromptu early celebration with the Donahue family tonight. The kids were very well behaved and the adults....well we tried.

Miss K is doing great. She's smart, sassy and spunky. Just the way she should be. She got an award at school today for being the most polite kid in class. But the best Kate story from the last few days happened when I picked her up from Grandma on Sunday morning.
I met my mom at the grocery store to make the "kid exchange". Mom and Kate were already shopping and K convinced Grammy to let her have the grocery cart in the shape of a truck. She also convinced Grammy that 9:30am is an acceptable time for suckers but that's a different story.
So Kate is in her truck cart. We roll down one of the aisle and see another little boy in a different style truck cart. Kate rolls up next to him and says
"Hey buddy, nice truck!"
She attempted to give him a high-five but the boys wasn't quite as friendly.

Me, well, I'm me. I'm feeling good. Working out almost every morning, eating better and generally speaking, managing to keep everything moving forward without losing what's left of my mind. I had a pissy morning (thank you to all the idiots in Target at 9:30am) but by lunch time I had resumed smiling. No lasting damage.

We had a busy weekend. Saturday evening we spent in the home of our Best Man Josh. We were all celebrating Josh's graduation. Way to go Joshers! We love you!
Sunday evening the Laudick's joined us for a delicious mexican inspired dinner. Scott graciously left behind some of his crack (.. um... I mean camera gear...) for me to play with.
Have I mentioned how fun it is to have a friend that is close by that loves photography too and has way cooler gear than I? Yep, it's pretty bad ass.

Now, let's see what else did I want to share....
Oh, face painting photos! Good heavens, you all need to see the incredible work Jay'me did at our party. I planned an entire post dedicated to showing off Jay'me's mad skills. But alas, Blogger sucks it so she's getting tacked on to this post.

All of these photos are completely un-edited. They were taken on everything from camera phones, to my camera and a few were even taken by a camera that leaves me drooling with envy every time I'm in it's vicinity.

These are just a few of the fantastic faces that Jay'me whipped up on our sweaty day.

Here's Jay'me hard at work. Creating a beautiful masterpiece.
Her canvas? Someones face.

The masterpiece.
And if I can take a moment and say GO BLACKHAWKS!!!

This is our friend and financial wizard, Mike and 2 of his 3 beautiful children. Look at the mustache on his son. That thing looks so real, I wanted to touch it.

This beautiful butterfly is Talise. She's my cousin's daughter. But, she's also the daughter of one of my best girlfriends. You figure it out.

This is Talise's older brother Jarrett AKA Transformer.

This is Amity, the beautiful and shy sister of Talise and Jarrett.
She needs to hang out with me more. She'll get over the shy thing real fast.
And look at this beautiful face. I am ashamed to admit I have no idea who she is. Someone help me out here.

Check out this handsome dragon. This paint fits Ethan perfectly. Soft and subtle on the surface and a little ball of fire underneath.
*disclaimer, it was hot and sweaty and lots of his make-up had already come off*

And you all know this beautiful face. Gosh, I have a cute kid.

More tomorrow to celebrate the day my favorite husband was born. If you're reading this take a moment and write a comment to tell Scotty Happy Birthday!

Anonymous –   – (June 7, 2010 at 11:28 PM)  

Happy Birthday Scott,all our love,best wishes, prayers,salutations,incantations,trepidations,facinations,constipation,palpations,random aspirations,good vibrations are wished for you today,It was cheaper than Hallmark.Love Nancy and Gary

Anonymous –   – (June 8, 2010 at 4:46 AM)  

The pretty girl with the butterfly face is Rachael. Her Grandma Jean Lindholm came with me to your party and brought Rachael to meet Savannah. She had so much fun with all the kids. Thanks for letting us join you it was great.
Enjoy your day with your family. Wishing you the very best. Love, Nancy Simpson

Anonymous –   – (June 8, 2010 at 6:47 AM)  




Anonymous –   – (June 8, 2010 at 8:08 AM)  

Happy Birthday Scott!
Hope you have an awesome day.
Love, The Smoody's

missy dappen  – (June 8, 2010 at 6:05 PM)  

Happy birthday, Scott! From me and Bongo :)

Anonymous –   – (June 8, 2010 at 10:14 PM)  

HaPpY BIrThdaY SCOTT!!!! :D
I hope your day was wonderful.

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