What's Goin' On?

Sit back and relax kids, I'm going to take you on another journey through the last few days in the WWW. I hope you enjoy the ride.

When last you left the WWW, Scott and Scott 12 were watching the Blackhawks game together. Well, I think we all know how that turned out.

Thursday brought more chaos. Kate and I spent the morning enjoying the beautiful weather at one of our many local parks.

Kate enjoyed the swing. She loves sitting in the baby swings so I can push her higher and faster. Be warned though, don't try to push Kate before she's ready. If it's not her idea to go high and fast you better be prepared for a meltdown of epic proportions. Girlie doesn't like it unless it's on her terms. I don't know where she gets this stuff.

She quickly bored of her high flying adventures and sought out other means of stimulation.

Over and....

over again....

More times than I can count. So pure and so raw were those giggles. She simply couldn't get enough.
Got home with barely enough time to get Scott ready for therapy. Scott went and put in his 2 grueling hours only to be rewarded with a trip to Dr. Livingston's office when he returned home.

Dr. Livingston is our local ENT that Scott has been seeing since September of 2008 for maintenance on his trach. In general things look good. Dr. Livingston was concerned about the shifting that Scott's trach is doing. He was quite glad to hear that Scott is having an MRI on Tuesday. The MRI will rule out an aortic aneurysm which could be causing the trach shift.
Aside from that, Dr. L was very pleased and we are on a "only call me if you need me" basis. YIPPPEEEE! It feels almost like graduation day.

After the graduation we invited the Laudick's (Scott 12's) family over for a celebratory dinner. BigDan and Kathy gave us some super, ultra, nothing yummier smoked chicken and baked beans on Wednesday. So The Witt's and the Laudick's dined on a most scrumptious feast that I didn't have to prepare or procure. Pretty freaking BADASS!

Friday, more fun and games. Kate had school in the morning, I went flying and Scott had therapy again.
Kate and I went to another park after nap time. This is more of a discovery center than a park but I guarantee it is, by far, the most amazing "park" ever.
The entire area is soft, rubberized material to prevent, skinned knees and broken bones. It is also completely wheelchair accessible. Scott wasn't with us this time, but he'll be joining us in the future for sure.
We ended up running into Scott 12 with his boys and our friend/dentist Kevin with his oldest daughter.

So you're wanting to know what makes this the most badass park ever.
Let me show you.
I'll start with the railroad crossing. You press the button and the lights flash and the signals sound. It's so authentic it scares you.

There is also a giant sandbox. Hidden in that sand box are dinosaur bones for the "kids" (I use that term loosely) to find.

There are plenty of things for even the young ones like Brandon to get their hands on.

They have an entire area of musical instruments to try out.

The best part is within this area are these musical notes on the ground. When stepped on, they make noises. Sometimes, it's a little melody, other times a gong, and a few of them even make their correct note.

They even have what I refer to as the "LazyBoy" swings.

Seriously, what happened to swings being a work out for the kid and the parent.

They also had this thing. It's a voice recorder. You spin the handle 6 times and say something. It then distorts your voice and says it back to you in all these different accents.

A climbing wall to get you to the top of equipment.

A roller slide that according to Kate "makes my cheeks jiggle".

I could go on and on but I fear that I have 1)bored you all into stunned silence and 2)broken Blogger forever.

I wish I could share the photos of the police station, the fire truck, the sailboat that really rocks like a boat, the barber shop, the drive-in.....
Rest assured family, we'll be spending lots of time there.

Ok, so that brings us up to Friday evening. Alli and I had a girl night as you already know. I'm so lucky to have such amazing girlfriends that allow me to peek into their lives. I get so sick of looking at mine. It's nice to see how a more "traditional" family works.

Saturday, a monsoon, a trip to Target (in the monsoon, of course), a showing of Shrek 3 in 3D (great guessing), a dinner out at Pablo's (great little mexican joint) and some Uno to the Death after Kate's bedtime with my parents, Justin and Kara.
Kate loved the movie and was pretty well behaved. All the adults thought the movie was terrific. I haven't laughed that hard in ages.

Finally, we've arrived at today. Spent the day low key for the most part. And because I can't sit still for a second, I decided to take the plunge and finally get Kate in her "big girl bed".

Goodbye crib.

She went down like a champ and I haven't heard a peep out of her yet. Pray for me that she doesn't wake up at 4am.

You all are going to notice some big changes here soon (if you haven't already). Hang in with me while we work out the kinks and get things running smoothly.

Another busy week ahead.... summer is off to a real bang already.

EDIT - The park is called Deicke Park - it's in Huntley off Route 47 just south of downtown, near the water park. You'll turn into the park and stay to your left for the "discovery center".

BigDan if Kath, allows you to go, call us we'll meet you there anytime. You better start eating your vegetables young man.

Jill- would love to meet up with you and Justyn. We'll be there lots so I'm sure we can coordinate something. Email me.

Sere- I did take the boots photo. I took it during this photo set. I knew even back then, I wanted this header. That's how freaking long I've been working on this update. Thanks for the compliment.
You should absolutely start a blog. Your talent for words far exceeds mine and the entire process is really, really simple to get started. Go for it Girl!

Thanks for the other compliments sent via email and in the comments. The "new look" is still a work in progress. I owe a ton of thanks to Lena from Simply Fabulous Blogger. She's a genius.

And so ends the edit....

Jill –   – (June 14, 2010 at 6:38 AM)  

Glad to hear things have been very low key for you lately. Can you tell me where the "badass" park is? It looks like so much fun and I would LOVE to take Justyn there. We should meet up sometime soon. I know you aren't far from me.

BigDan  – (June 14, 2010 at 10:15 AM)  

Tell ME where the park is. Maybe Kathy will take me there if I am a good boy!

Scott  – (June 14, 2010 at 11:25 AM)  

LOVE the new look! Nicely done.

Sere –   – (June 14, 2010 at 5:44 PM)  

Love the new blog look!! Did you take the picture of the water and rainboots? If you did that is an awesome picture!! Been thinking about starting a blog for the dog website but not sure if I want to go there or not LOLs.

Glad that things are going good for you guys!

Love ya!

missy dappen  – (June 14, 2010 at 9:27 PM)  

Ooooh! Pretty! Love the new look!

Great pics- I wanna go and play!

Congrats on the "graduation" from the ENT. Hope the MRI brings only good news. Thinking of you guys!

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