I have now cooked Bambi. When in doubt wrap the offending food in bacon and call it dinner. Wasn't too bad. I cames this >< close to overcooking it. Who knew you cooked deer like you cook beef? Not me.

Josh and Scott had a great time hanging out. They caught the end of 3 different movies together. They are strange like that.

Kate had a good night last night with the leg cramps. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. I'm hoping this most recent growth spurt is slowing. Every parent knows the worst thing ever is a hurting child. Breaks my heart.

Scott's fevers have returned. He had a rough time last night but stayed pretty low today. I'm watching it closely, prepared to handle things swiftly if needed.

I'll work on the hair photo. My photographer has been too busy playing ballet and Ariel to be bothered.

I've got a bunch of miscellaneous tidbits floating around in my head and they aren't really allowing me room to write at the moment.

So, I'll leave you with a tasteless joke. It happens to be my brother Justin's favorite.
ready... drum roll please...

A baby seal walks into a club.

Get it.... horrible I know.
I'll go away now and never come back. Well, until tomorrow, or later or whenever I need to write again. Nighty night!

Anonymous –   – (February 9, 2011 at 2:51 PM)  

Okay, I thought this one was hilarious:

Why did the chef get arrested? -- He got caught beating an egg!!!!!!


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