Forgive *UPDATED

Forgive the horrible on-board flash in these photos. I ask you not to judge my photography skills to harshly. Instead, judge my friendship skills for letting a little boy play dress up with Kate's clothes.

Brandon is just too cute. How can you possibly say no to this face?

He would dress up and pose for pictures.

Immediately seeking out Kate's tiara. His dad (S12 of other blog fame) just helped adjust the tiara and encouraged him to smile nicely.

Letting a kid just be a kid.

It's not long before they are all grown up.

Thanks to S12, Kristin, Ethan and Brandon, or is it Brittney? We had a great time enjoying the lasagna from BigDan and Kathy with you.
BigDan and Kathy, while we loving enjoying your delicious food, it's just not the same without you at the table. We miss you guys.

I started this post from my bedroom tonight. I'm now finishing it sitting on Scott's floor. He's aspirated quite a few times today/tonight and is having a lot of trouble breathing. I think we've got it under control but I'll be watching close tonight just to make sure.

Who's out doing something fun this Friday night? Who's staying in and watching a bad movie? What are your weekend plans?

Scott had a restless nights sleep but is breathing a little better this morning. We'll be letting him sleep in today and hoping for the best.

Scott  – (February 26, 2011 at 8:52 PM)  

Just love my B boy. Thanks for having us B. We had a great time and Brandon keeps talking about dressing up with Kate. What a ham.

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