Well suck

I cannot get Scott's fever to go away. It's been over 102 all night. The foot looks... well, like a swollen foot.
He's been on Levaquin for 5 days, he really shouldn't be having fevers still. I guess I'll tackle that after tomorrows ultrasound and appointment with Dr. Jacobs to check on the foot.

Feeling really grateful for those "happy" days last week. Helps balance out the yuck that has already started this week.

Something funny to brighten the update....
Kate is in the washroom going potty tonight. I hear "Mommy can you please help me." I head in to the bathroom and Kate is sitting on the potty holding a hand held mirror and a comb trying to comb her hair. "Mom, I can't comb my hair and make it pretty without falling in the potty. I don't want my bottom in the water."

Things certainly are never dull around here.

Nick  – (February 22, 2011 at 9:26 AM)  

Yeah...I hate it when that happens.

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