'Mom, don't look at me".

I hear this statement several times a day as of late. It's usually when she's doing something she probably shouldn't or when she's putting on her dress up clothes. She really likes to make a grand entrance.

Tuesdays are bathroom days in the Witt house. I spend the day cleaning all four bathrooms. The ones that get used get touched up as we go but Tuesdays are the "big day". Between the bathrooms and getting the main floor ready for the invasion of Scott's man harem for movie night tonight I must have left Kate up to her own devices for a little too long today.
I know I saw her in just about every pretty dress, and play "costume" she owns but I didn't realize the full extent of her doings until bed time.
As we walk in Kate's room I hear "Excuse me Mom. Don't look at this. It be ok. I fix it."

Oh Kate, how I wish I could just look away. Maybe closing this closet door will work. Yep, look at that. Just close the door and it's all better. Perfect.

Scott enjoyed his man friends despite feeling shitty and having a raging fever. He started another round of Levaquin today. Hopefully this will knock back his symptoms and give him a little relief. He's also got what appears to be another rather large blood clot in his leg. He gets these from time to time but this is the largest I've seen in some time.
I wish I could just close the door on this and make it all go away. God, what I would do for a magic closet. Play clothes mess, money worries, Scott's health, unsold home, all just closed behind a pretty white door. Poof like it never existed.

Since there is no magic closet, I'll do second best. Put a smile on my face and keep on keeping on. Cleaning up the little messes as I can.

Thanks for hanging with Scott tonight boys. You all feed his soul. Bringing him happiness, laughter and happy memories that I cannot. He needed you.

Colleen  – (February 16, 2011 at 8:34 AM)  

Thank you for your sweet comments B.

I love the it be ok. too cute!

missy dappen  – (February 17, 2011 at 8:56 PM)  

Oh Kate, a girl after my own heart. My closet still looks like this!

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