Answers and a Winner

Winner -
Alli guessed it! You've got a sexy Visa giftcard waiting for you.

Scott got his new wheelchair. She's now been named "Sally" (Thanks Jay'me).
The chair is super sexy and it fits him terrific. There are a few manufacturer issues that we'll have to resolve but that's not a big deal.
I have a few photos but my computer is yelling at me tonight so y'all just have to wait.


Pets are welcome on Sunday. We ask that you use your best judgement in bringing them. If Fido has nipped at kids, men, ogres or randomly growls at trees then maybe Fido is best left at home. Assuming, you've had Fido with other dogs, kids, people and loud noise and he or she behaves than all are welcome.
Dog poop clean up gives me the skeevies so please clean up after Fido.

I'm hearing from a few neighbors that there are multiple parties happening on our little cul-de-sac on Sunday. Just a reminder to please be conscientious when parking. There is plenty of room for everyone and we can park on our front lawn if needed. Just make sure there is plenty of room for a firetruck to get down the street and we'll be all good.

Now kids, if you'll forgive me I have a missing document that must be found before I can sleep. So, I'll cut this love note short.

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