The Skinny

Sharpen your pencils and straighten your paper cause here comes "The Skinny".

We're now down to 4 days - The big day is Sunday May 30th.

We'll be firing things up around 3pm. I'm told that after 11pm the police officers will make us behave.
Those of you that know me really well, know that I don't like rules and I have a bad habit of breaking them. I'm just sayin'.

Food- food is good, we like it. We're throwing down some brats, hot dogs, and burgers. The grill(s) will be open if there is something special you wish to bring. There are some side dishes and desserts that are coming but more are always welcome.
Don't feel like cooking in this oppressive heat? Don't worry, just bring your smile and we'll fill your plate.

Beverages - The four biggies will be represented - Iced tea, lemonade, water, and of course beer. Want something special, bring it along. We won't even make you share if you don't want to. Scrooge

Directions - Google and Mapquest know how to find us. Should you have troubles or want to know something specific email me (email is on the right side of your screen, just click the link). If you're coming out of the City the Metra Northwest line is a great choice. Just get off on one of the Crystal Lake stops. There will be plenty of people here that can come pick you up.

What else can I tell you?

We'll be outside. There is a bounce house, face painting, volleyball net and some other family fun games. We'll have some sunscreen but bringing your own might be a good idea. We do have a huge tent that will be set up to give everyone a place out of the sun or rain should Mother Nature be mean.

Chairs, blankets etc. if you've got 'em - bring 'em. Again, we've got some so don't worry if you show up without, we've got you covered.

Music - Hawnkefunk is playing. I know that we have a very musical group of friends so if you want to join in and share your talents just let me know. There's plenty of stage for everyone.

Oh, almost forgot - Parking- we live on a quiet cul-de-sac. Let's be sure to be respectful of every ones yards when parking. It is important that you pull onto the grass so that a fire truck can get through the street but let's not be too rough. Keep the circle part of the cul-de-sac free of cars please. Again, a fire truck has to be able to get through. We really like our firemen and EMT's (they've been very good to us) so let's not piss them off, we may need them again.

Finally, and maybe the most important...
I really want to stress to everyone reading this that we want EVERYONE to come. You found this little blog somehow and that makes you part of the family. So, whether we just saw you last week, last month, 20 years ago or if we've never met, please, PLEASE come on by. This is a celebration of life, family and love. We embrace everyone.

So there you have it..."The Skinny"

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