Who's Ready?

We are so very, very ready for tomorrows big celebration. Well, we will be...

Spent most of yesterday and today getting things ready. Took some time out yesterday to enjoy a family dinner and game night that was shared with a very dear friend that is in from out of town for the party. She's a little bit of a surprise for someone so I won't reveal her name.
Oooohhh the suspense. Can you feel it?

My fridges and freezers are bursting at the seams so I hope you're all hungry.

Miss K showed great restraint and stayed out of the bounce house today. Her mother did not. What can I say, I'm a child at heart.

I would like to thank all of the very nice gentlemen that offered assistance at the 7-11. Apparently chivarly is not dead and a woman loading 7 - 22lb bags of ice still warrants a "Can I help you with that?" or a "Here allow me."
I'm stupid so I didn't take any help, I never do. Plus, my kid weighs almost 40lbs and Scott weighs 140lbs and I pack them around. The ice was like a picnic in the park by comparison.
But, it was still very nice to have the kind offers. It helps restore my faith in humanity, especially the young men of the world.
I mean please, how am I supposed to take someone seriously when I can see his underwear? If he can't figure out that his pants are 5 sizes to large then how is he going to figure out any task I could possibly give him. Throw in the sloppy shoes and the tatoos and piercings and I'm not really sure there is any hope.

Wow, apparently I have some strong opinions on the men of my generation and the one following mine. I know you're all terribly surprised that I have an opinion on something.

Anyways, back to the point. Wait did I have a point? Hmmm....

Oh yeah, tomorrow is going to be super bad ass! We're so exccited. Can't wait to see everyone again or in some cases meet you for the first time.

Let the good times roll.....

Anonymous –   – (May 30, 2010 at 3:22 PM)  

Have a great time. Sorry we couldn't make it. GIve everyone a hug for me and give some ppl 2. I'll let u decide who gets the extras. Love yas Sara

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