Mother's Day Came Early For Me

I got the best Mother's Day gift ever in the history of the world today and it didn't cost a single penny.

Kate and I had to make a trip to Lowe's after nap today. I had a few things to pick up and more importantly I had a sizable refund to get from our recent garage door debacle.
Ordering the garage doors took almost 3 hours. Apparently, Lowe's has some archaic computer system that sucks on a regular basis. This archaic system over charged me. To make a long story short in the end Lowe's owed us $180.

Walking in to the Lowe's today I see 2 managers a sales associate and only 1 person in line in the return department.
The voices in my head that I usually try to ignore tell me to "get the refund, it will only be a few minutes."Well, an hour later I did finally get the refund.

See why I ignore you voices, you lie to me all the time. It's just like that time in high school when you said I would look good as a redhead. Liars, you're all a bunch of liars. Stupid voices.
*sorry to have bothered you all with my therapy session again*

Before we get any further into the story let me explain something. The hour I waited was due to an archaic, overly complicated computer system. The Lowe's staff was nothing short of wonderful to Kate and I during our hour long visit.

So, I bet you're thinking "wow, $180 refund, not a bad Mother's Day gift". Well, you're right but that wasn't my gift.

My gift was the beautiful little girl that I had with me.
Kate was a complete angel for the entire visit. She sat in the cart the entire time, not a single whine was uttered, no loud voices, no rude behavior. Just pure bliss.
We pointed out the things we could see around us. We made up names for the people in the pictures on the signs and told stories about what they did at Lowe's.

My favorite was a picture of a very petite mid 50's woman that Kate said worked in the ladder section because she always needed them "cuz she small like me."

Kate colored with the pen and paper I had in my purse. She smiled and talked to the people that came in to return more common goods that didn't require CIA intervention.
That hour with my perfectly behaved little girl made my heart swoon. I have never spent a more perfect hour with anyone before. Absolutely the best gift EVER.

I am now completely prepared for breakfast tomorrow to be miserable but for tonight I'm just going to bask in the love.
Thank you Lowe's for your antiquated system, it allowed me to really see what an amazingly patient, inventive, smart child I have. I am a truly blessed mother.

Scott  – (May 9, 2010 at 6:28 AM)  

What a great hour. Thanks for sharing and happy Mother's Day! Hang in there in Scott - Father's Day is on the way and YOU can wait in Lowe's for an hour! WooHoo!!!!

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