My Dearest Blogger

Dear Blogger,
Eating the blog of a cranky, tired, overly emotional person is not a good idea.
It makes the afore mentioned person very stabby.
Knock it off.

Thank you.

The Stabby Bitch

Instead of the full blog I was planning. You're getting a photo, one of my favorites from the trip.

I took this while driving (safety is always my number one priority). I was just trying to shoot the sun orb and got a perfectly placed tree with it. I could never in a million years set up a shot like this.

I'm adjusting back to normal life.
Kate is wonderful, no side effects from my absence.
Scott is doing just fine. He was happy to have me home until I served him cereal for dinner. I'm thinking he's ready to have Rachel, my parents, BigDan and Kathy back on duty.
Too bad sucker, you're stuck with me :)
A fine example of how life is back to normal.

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