I woke up two days ago and realized that somehow I must have slept through the end of May, all of June and July. I woke up sometime in mid August. I couldn't possibly see this on my dashboard in May!

*Forgive the crap cell phone picture* *and yes that is 4pm*

I'm certainly hoping that it's not that warm on Sunday. As Slightly Whacked said in the comments in the previous posts weather folks are saying 70's and partly cloudy. Let's all cross our fingers because 95 degrees with 100% humidity is NOT pleasant for an outdoor festival.

I'm also crossing my fingers that my bronchitis and sinus infection are all better. The four separate meds that doctor put me on today should take care of every bit of yuck that exists in my body.

My Grandma sent me a link to a Lil' Abner cartoon character Joe Btfsplk.
Joe and me... I think we were seperated at birth.

But you know what, nothing, NOTHING, will ruin my day on Sunday. I'm going to have my family, my friends and lots of fun. I'm so excited!

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