Best Parents Ever

I'm sure many of you are thinking that you have the best parents. Well I hate to burst your little bubbles but I have, without a doubt, the best parents.
We may have our moments from time to time (we're normal these things happen) but my parents are there when it really counts.
When I texted my mom at 6:50am and said, "Smoke alarms going off since 4, fell and hurt my knee bad. Can you please come help?" in two minutes I had a "We're on our way." They brought batteries and Starbucks. No questions asked.
Dad fixed the smoke detectors which was actually the carbon monoxide detector and mom entertained Kate while I drank my coffee.
They took the girl child to their house so I could sleep and stay off my knee for the day. Returning her home at dinner time with the gyros I requested.
Yep, I'm a pretty lucky girl.

Lots of pictures to share still but I'm officially maxed out on Advil and this ice pack just isn't cutting it. Time to call it a day.

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