There All Better

I had a nice, long, heart wrenching conversation with my computer today. I apologized for abusing it. I promised to take better care and I deleted about 200 junk photos. In response the computer spit out the photos from the Princess' on Ice and it let me load up a few from today's trip to the Bad Ass park.

Lets start with the Princess' shall we...

don't answer that, it's my blog, I'll do what I want to

Kate's usual favorite, Princess Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty.

Kate's current favorite (at least as of 8pm when she went to bed it may change by 6am when she wakes up) Princess Ariel and the evil sea witch Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

Lovable Genie and Aladdin. Princess Jasmine was doing too many spins so there were no good photos of her.

The 7 dwarfs. Seriously, these guys were so cute and they all stayed perfectly in character. Quite possibly my favorite part of the show.

Beautiful Snow White. They should have made her blond. Seriously, who falls for the "feel sorry for the ugly, old lady" story. Sheesh...

After a brief intermission, Cinderella took the stage. Absolutely magical.

Even the Fairy Godmother got to fly in for the show.

Mickey and Minnie rounded out the "Disney" love.

Tinkerbell and Mulan were featured in the show but none of the photos I took of them turned out. Good thing, I don't like them anyways. *kidding...mostly*

While watching the show we behaved ourselves impeccably. There certainly wasn't any laughing, smirking or mocking when poor Snow White bit it and fell during a jump. We would never think to act like goofs and take photographic evidence of our behaviors.

Auntie Blue did her best wicked witch face.

Can I get someone over the age of 3 to take a photo of me please? I love my girl to pieces but her focusing is a little weak :)

Kate payed no attention to our childish antics. She spent the entire show mesmerized.

An official apology to my mom. I do not have a single decent photo of her from the event. She'll just have to join the ranks of the un-loved with Tinkerbell and Mulan. Poor girls, so unappreciated.

And because I haven't crashed Blogger or my computer...yet... here are a few from today's trip to Bad Ass Park.
I'm pretty sure Nicole and Brandon love it as much as Kate and I do.

It's no wonder I'm exhausted.


Colleen  – (September 15, 2010 at 8:26 AM)  

I hate computer issues! Glad yours cooperated : )

Brandi  – (September 15, 2010 at 10:13 PM)  

@Colleen - Good to "see" you! Hoping your family is doing well and enjoying the last moments of summer!

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