I Love Me Some Carnies

It's a little known fact that I love a good carnival. It's such a wonderful place to people watch. Stand in a line at a carnival for 10 minutes and just watch the people pass you by, you'll be amazed. There will be every walk of life imaginable right there next to you.
I am a little upset with some of my so-called friends. Why didn't you all tell me that fanny packs were pack in fashion? Seriously. And apparently the more you adorn the fanny pack with cheesy rhinestones the cooler you are. I count on you guys to help keep me up to date with the latest fashion 411, dont let me down again.
People aside, how can you not love a carnival? It's a dentists nightmare though (I would know since we ran into our dentist Kevin while there today). There is all the processed foods, the fried Twinkies, cotton candy, gigantic lollipops, and best of all HUGE caramel apples covered in sprinkles. I'm sure Kevin spent the day thinking of all the money he'll make in the weeks ahead fixing all the broken, cavity riddled teeth that the carnival provided. Except, Kevin isn't like that and he was probably more worried about the tummy distress and tooth aches for all the kids, he's nice like that.
A perfect day for a carnival spent with Grammy, Papa, Scott and Kate.
I left the good camera at home today so I was only to commemorate the activities with a few camera phone pictures.

I had my camera out in full force yesterday morning when Kate and I joined a large group of people outside of S12's house for the Lake In The Hills Parade.

Dentist Kevin was there. Seriously, you can tell he's a dentist (his father is as well). Look at those perfectly straight, perfectly white teeth. Hey Kevin, don't try to pass yourself off as an mechanic ok?

His youngest daughter Q is an absolute hoot. She's the spunkiest little thing. Her older sister G, that I managed to not get a good picture of, is easily one of the smartest and well spoken children I've ever met.

All the kids got plenty of candy. It was thrown at them by the bucket full.

They also got a ridiculous amount of fake tattoo's and water bottles. What's up with that?

Kristin is such a great mom, covering her kids ears for the loud bag pipes.
I just told my kid to deal with it and kept taking pictures. Kristin deserves the real Mother of the Year Award.

Her husband (S12) on the other hand was hell bent on showing me up.

He kept bribing the kids to get them to pose for great photos. Sheesh what a jerk.(kidding, mostly, I think )

Kate's favorite part was the prima ballerina's. They just sat in the car but she LOVED their costumes and their tiaras.

I know you're all shocked to learn that.

We had firetrucks,

bag pipers,

and marching bands.

The kids had a wonderful time

and truthfully, so did the big kids.

Labor Day weekend, you've been so good to us. Don't disappoint tomorrow please. One more summer hurrah!

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