Want to hear something funny?

You should have been at our house during dinner tonight.
Scott was watching Pearl Harbor when Kate and I got home from a late afternoon photo shoot. I made a quick dinner and we all sat down at the dinner couch (yes we eat on the sofa sometimes). Scott had never seen Pearl Harbor so the movie was left on, replacing our usual dinner viewing of Dora or Diego.
Kate was full of questions on why the men where shooting and why everyone was fighting. Poor Scott got to attempt to explain the beginning of the American involvement in World War II to our 3 year old.

"But, why they shooting?" "Why those men so mad?" "How did they get hurt?"

I sat here listening and silently laughing.

Our afternoon photo shoot didn't work out that well. Our morning photo shoot turned out quite a bit better.

Kate and I went and played at a corn field.

Running through the corn.

Pulling off an ear or two.

There was even a little taste testing.

I can't believe how beautiful our little girl has gotten.

And of course for Kate's good behavior she got to play photographer.

Right near the corn field was an old abandoned barn.

Kate was obsessed with looking inside it.

She talked about the animals that probably once lived inside. We decided it must have been goats.

It wasn't big enough for horses or cows.

A beautiful, crisp, bright, fall day.

We even got a chance to break out Kate's pumpkin hat. My grandma (Grams) made this for Kate for her first halloween and Kate has worn it every year since.

Still looks good on her, doesn't it Grams?

And because I stumbled upon this while uploading these photos, here is Kate sporting the hat in 2008. She was just 17months here.

So long summer. Hello fall. Stay around for awhile please, I'm not ready for winter... yet.

Colleen  – (September 27, 2010 at 8:52 AM)  

Love these! Great photo idea and of course you have a cute subject!

Brandi  – (September 27, 2010 at 10:30 PM)  

Thanks Dan and Colleen! We had a great time. These few photos represent almost 340 pictures taken yesterday. Good thing I don't use film huh?

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