So What Did You Do Today?

Gee guys, thanks for asking.
I'll share with you.

Today I made these fabulous cookies.

My "friend" Vanessa over at More is More Mom posted them yesterday and I HAD to have them. Like immediately, had to have them.
I gathered my ingredients and started right away. Through an unfortunate accident with an egg and a moving Kitchen Aid mixer I needed to remake the butter sugar mixture.
I realized that I no longer had enough brown sugar to complete my dough. Since this is dough that needs to refrigerate over night my epic fail in the kitchen meant I was going to have to wait until Saturday for a cookie.
Um... hell no! That wasn't happening. A quick Google search and I made my own brown sugar. Yep, that's me culinary genius. Or well, maybe not.

Fast forward to this afternoon and this is a terrible picture from the crime scene.

All is right again in the world.

Scott had his last therapy day today. He's not graduating because he's doing so great, he's leaving because insurance companies are blood sucking, big business, only care about themselves, assholes. I wish I could properly express my true feelings on the subject.

As with most days, I found some inspiration in some beautiful yellow aster that was growing wild in the ditches. So I played for a little bit while K was in school.

Looks like a painting doesn't it. This photo was taken directly out of my camera. There has been no editing at all.

While I'm talking photos, S12 posted a fantastic shot this evening. He even gave this little blog a shout out. So head over to the other blog and leave S12 a comment. Tell him he's great but I'm still your favorite.
I've got to somehow come up with something to follow that photo. I'm hoping the parade and carnival we're going to tomorrow give me some inspiration.

And again, if it's not to much to ask. Send a little love to "Grandma" Alice. Kate and I visited her along with my parents and Bonnie this evening. While things were looking up while we were there, as the night wore on she started getting worse. At 92 that woman is one hell of a fighter. It's that tough Brooklyn spirit.

Sleepy times for Brandi.

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