It was my post day over on the other blog. I had a hard time trying to decide what to do.

A cute picture of Kate with a worm

my downspout waterfall, following the storm tonight

my idiotic jump in the rain puddle

Seriously, have I mentioned that I twisted my knee recently. I'm such a moron sometimes.
Not to mention I had to do this to take the photo.

Or should it be a picture of Kate playing in the puddles.

Too many choices.
In the end I didn't choose any of these and I didn't get around to taking the pictures I had planned in my head at the start of the day. But you know what, I like the picture I decided upon best of all.

Rush Patient Advisory Council meeting tomorrow afternoon. Scott and I are planning on going. Crossing my fingers that Scott can make it that long. To all of our Rush family, please don't be upset if you don't see us while were there. Trips down there just keep getting harder.

Life just keeps getting harder. But as long as I can take the time to enjoy experiences with those that matter the most to me, I'll be just fine.

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