Go Ask Alice.

My younger brother Justin once asked "Grandma" Alice what she did for a living growing up. Alice's response tells you everything you need to know about who Alice was.
She simply replied.
"You name it Honey, I've done it for money."

Today the world lost a wonderful lady. In true Alice fashion she had to go out with as much drama and flair as humanly possible.
I've debated with myself about telling this story and ultimately I think it's a testament to who Alice was and I'm pretty sure it will make all of you chuckle a little bit.

After our visit Friday night where we watched Alice enjoy a nice piece of fish and a diet Coke that Alice seemed to enjoy like you would a $1,000 bottle of wine, Alice started not doing well. Sometime around midnight a priest was called in to give Alice her last rights.
I got a phone call around 7:30am from my mom saying that at 92 years old Alice had passed. Her daughter, Bonnie was with her and she was finally at peace. I quietly said a prayer and spent a moment talking with Kate about some of the fun moments I remember with Alice.
My parents were on their way to the hospital to be with Bonnie and help her make the necessary arrangements. Once my parents arrived what they saw prompted yet another phone call. It's around 8 am when my phone rings a second time. My mother says "Alice was dead but now she's not."

WHAT? Excuse me.

Apparently Alice was too stubborn to stay gone for long. After having flat lined for numerous minutes and being declared dead by the nursing staff, Alice was once again breathing on her own.
The disbelief was overwhelming. We knew she wouldn't rally long enough to get back to a real life, but there was Alice, tough as nails, not going down without a fight. A New Yorker through and through.
The third phone call came in shortly before 9 that once again, Alice had passed. They were sure she was going to stay that way this time.

While, I'm saddened by Alice's passing there is a part of my heart that is rejoicing. Alice is now and forever with her beloved Jimmy and she can finally be at peace. The street smart, savvy, sassy lady that once lit up a room here on earth is now in heaven causing some trouble.

Until the last moments, Alice, you were a fighter. Thanks for showing me how to fight with class, dignity and strength. We'll miss you.

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