Two Months

Eight weeks
61 days
1,608 hours

That's how long we've got until we have to go back to Rush for a vascular visit.
We finally graduated to every two months between visits.
Now the trick will be actually making that happen. If all of you could send Scott a strongly worded message encouraging him to follow directions that would be great.

Obviously, things with Dr. Jacobs went well. He removed yet another internal suture in Scott's thigh. Took a look at Scott's leg and declared it happily ugly. We discussed a few other things but in general, Dr. Jacobs is happy. He would love to see Scott put on about 20 pounds but wouldn't we all.

Kathy tried to help with the 20 pounds and got us some Hot Dougs. Delicious as always. I cannot get over that brat. So fantastic.

It was great to see a few of our friends while we were there. Wish we would have gotten a chance to see everyone but Scott just can't travel as well as he used to. By the time we left he was having trouble breathing and we needed to just get him home and resting.

Sorry guys, we still love you all.

I'm saying a couple extra prayers and sending lots of love to "Grandma" Alice tonight. She's not doing really well and was hospitalized today. I'm hoping she find some peace soon.

Onward with faith, hope and love.

Alli  – (September 2, 2010 at 6:57 AM)  

Dear Scottie,
Sending lots of love and a swift kick in the ass to tell you to FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS GIVEN BY YOUR DOCTOR!!! I will be bringing the kiddos to you today so you can deliver exploding knucks to A-train and give Ry a bottle...less that 2 months and that kid will be stuck drinking from a straw...if I can teach him. Anyway, we are so glad to hear that Dr. Jacobs was pleased with seeing you and your leg. I would be happy to deliver a tasty and fattening ice cream if that would be of any help, although I am fairly certain you are ready for something toasty warm. If you tell me some of your favs I will find the most caloric, fattening, and delicious versions out there...let's make every bite count! Love you and your family to pieces.

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