Dodged a Bullet

Did you know that once upon a time, in a far away land called Iowa, my dad had a bullet bounce off his chest?

True story.

If I recall the story correctly (please correct me if I don't, Dad) my dad was working as an electrician. He was taking his lunch outside in his car in an alley. While sitting there enjoying his break, he heard a noise and suddenly the windshield was broken and he felt something hit his chest. Looking down, he realized it was a bullet. My dad wasn't hurt in anyway. I'm pretty sure he went back to work when his break was over.
My dad, Superman.

Scott and I are feeling a little like we dodged a bullet today. Not a literal bullet, like my dad's but a figurative one.
I took Scott to see his primary care doctor yesterday for some issues. She took one look at him, listened to his symptoms and told us we could wait for blood work to come back but she expected to admit him to the hospital for possible renal failure.
We left her office yesterday late morning and Scott began forcing fluids as much as possible, in attempts to re-start his system. I started cleaning, making sure all the bills and laundry were caught up and we both wanted to spend lots of time with Kate.
A family dinner was in order (delicious Kathy pesto - thanks Kath). Some play time and extra snuggles.

Got the call this morning that the blood work looked much better than expected. There isn't a simple answer to Scott's symptoms. But, for right now, he gets to stay home and be with his KatieBell. I'm watching him very closely. Much closer than even he realizes. I'm ready for anything he can throw at me but of course I'm hoping its a simple case of prolonged dehydration and protein deficiency.

We know that all his symptoms could be from an aneurysm. It's the white elephant in the room. We don't talk about it directly, but we're both thinking about the similarities to his previous arterial ruptures.

A little glitch in the road, a speed bump really. Didn't slow us down. Once we got word he was going to stay home, life returned to normal.
Kate and I made these. Blueberry Cinnamon Rolls. You MUST make them now! Do not delay. They are amazing. They have gotten rave reviews from most of the important men in my life.

We'll be pumping the weekend full of life.
Thanks for the reminder world. I heard you, loud and clear.

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I'm glad Scott's ok :) Hope he feels better! Have a great weekend!

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