AMA - against medical advice

Scott waited all day yesterday to get an MRI. An MRI that was ordered about an hour after he was admitted on Tuesday. It was supposed to be 3pm then 9pm then 930pm and finally last night at 1130 we heard "not going to happen."
I wasn't there at 1130pm to hear what stupid, no-reason, lame excuse he was given. But I know he went to bed frustrated, tired and angry.

The only reason I agreed to Scott's admittance was because we were assured that it would provide us the fast track to getting answers. So far no fast track, no answers and all it's done is take Scott away from his family, create more stress than necessary, open Scott up to other potential infections and generate more fees to a hospital that has already been paid over 3.2million dollars on Scott's behalf.

As you can read, I'm beyond frustrated. For the first time ever in dealing with Rush I'm going to go downtown today and either get a MRI, answers and a treatment plan or bring Scott home, against medical advice.
I like all the doctors involved. I don't think anyone of them is neglectful in anyway. I think there have been layoffs and understaffing and it's creating major problems. At this point I could have gotten all these tests done outpatient faster and Scott would be home.
Everyone (hospital staff) is missing the fact that they can't fix Scott. He's living on borrowed time and has been for years. Each and every day he has is a gift. A gift that should not needlessly be squandered laying in the hospital. A gift that should be spent doing what he wants to do, spending time with his daughter, sleeping in his own home, eating as many Christmas cookies as he wants and snuggling with Becky the cat.

I'm searching for the patience I'm going to need to get through this. The insight to be sure I'm making the right choice and some strength to push through.
When he needs to be there, I'm the biggest supporter. But this time... I'm not so sure.

** disclaimer - please don't read this as anti Rush post. I'm not anti Rush. Scott has some terrific doctors and nurses there. My objectives are different from theirs and I always have to do what I feel is the right thing for my family in every given moment. I still pink puffy heart Rush and we'll continue to make that our go-to hospital for Scott's vascular issues.**

Jen P –   – (December 30, 2010 at 7:27 AM)  

i agree with you on all counts! it is more important right now for quality of life and if Scott wants to be home with the family that is the most important goal!

if you need bail money we are just minutes away :0)

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