Where the heart is

All three Witt's are home again.
Kate and Scott spent the night playing blocks, PBSkids.org, sharing cupcakes and enjoying dinner together. Listening to them talk and share in Scott's room reinforced my decision to bring Scott home.
In the end, we left against medical advice but with no hard feelings. The doctors acknowledged our need to not spend 4 more days in the hospital and wished us well.
My grandma (you all know her as Grams) has a dear friend that is an infection disease specialist. He was at Baylor Medical Center for years prior to starting his own medical school in Botswana. I was able to speak with him this morning. He graciously took time off from his coffee and crosswords over looking the ocean to speak with me. After giving me the straight talk on what is really going on, he agreed with all of my thoughts and encouraged me to follow my heart and do the right thing for my family. Having Scott in the hospital for a problem that we cannot cure, just doesn't make sense. I'm feeling confident in the decisions made and yet I can't get the ball of jumbled emotions to leave me. It all seems to be balled up in my throat.

Tomorrow night, as we move into a new year, I'm going to snuggle up and hold hands with the future. I'm going to leave the past behind and embrace all that is ahead.
Tonight, I'm going to wallow a little bit longer.

Anonymous –   – (December 30, 2010 at 10:36 PM)  

Brandi,I think your gut instincts have always served you well.Don't second guess ,it serves no purpose.Scott belongs at home with the family to welcome in the New Year.We wish you all the best and continue to pray for the grace of God's will.Happy New Year from Gary and Nancy

Justyn's Mommy  – (December 31, 2010 at 10:52 AM)  

You are so strong. You went with your heart which is the right thing to follow. Have a wonderful New Year's with your family and be grateful for all that you have. Thinking of you.

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