The Tree

A number of years ago we started driving out to the middle of nowhere, dragging our frozen butts out into a field and cutting down our own tree. We did this over and over again. And then we got smart (and Scott got worse) and we started going to our local nursery in search of a beautiful tree.
We were on a mission.

Seek out the perfect tree not only for the Witt house but for the Pothast house as well. Each home having it's own issues.
The Pothast tree came easy. It stood there beckoning to be taken home.

The Witt tree... ah... well the Witt tree wouldn't be the Witt tree if it was easy.
We found one, we thought it was a contender.

Dad and Justin man handled it, dragging it out of the lot.

And delivering it to his royal highness (who was too sick to join the rest of us in freezing to death) where we received this....

Dang it! Back to the drawing board.
*Wander, wander, freeze a little, dance like an idiot a little*
Ah, ha. There she is. The prized tree.
Uh, oh... she's too big to drag to his royal highness, time to get creative.

The seal of approval. Thank God, now we can head inside and warm up.

Kate was the only one unfazed. She just wanted everyone to fall all over themselves for her.

There was even a round of "Ring Around The Rosie" where we all held hands and sang the song. We are but mere puppets in her little game.

Homeward bound. Tree safely tucked on top of the car. Dad and Scott tucked inside with me. Somehow between the three of us nobody remembered the tree on the roof of the car. Pulled right into the garage.... yeah.. that was nice. No real harm done but my sides sure did hurt from all the laughing.

The beautiful and glorious 9 foot frasier fir tree was happily placed in our great room. Finally a tree that wasn't dwarfed by our 22foot high ceiling.

I am a lot of things but typically, I'm no dummy. I kindly asked my family if they would mind helping me hang the lights on the tree (read: I demanded they help or I would withhold food).

Tree topper time. Kate gave it a try.

That was a fail.

I gave it a try.

Yep that was a fail.

Nothing a little twist tie couldn't fix.

Our beautiful tree is up, lit and waiting for Scott to feel better so we can put on the ornaments.

Kate and I took advantage of a quiet evening tonight and did a little holiday light photo shoot.

She loves the tree and was more than happy to take some photos in front of it. Posing nicely and smiling pretty.

Or maybe it was the bribe.


How are your holiday plans coming? Are the gifts all purchased and wrapped? Or are you one of those wait until the 24th kind of people?

Anonymous –   – (December 8, 2010 at 12:26 AM)  

Brandi,I am almost done shopping.We do a $50.00 grab bag and when the girls get in from Colorado I'll get done.I'm sure our house will be crazy,they are bringing their 2 german shepherds so my poor Mathilda(lhasa-apso)) will flip out.Teagan saw Santa the other day.He asked her what she wanted for Xmas and she said Surprise Me.Kate looks so sweet in your pictures,I'm sure she'll enjoy Christmas.Feel better Scott,Love Nancy

Colleen  – (December 8, 2010 at 7:50 AM)  

Love Kate's shirt! She is just too cute.

BigDan  – (December 8, 2010 at 8:18 AM)  

The shot of Scott makes him look like the Mayhem guy on the insurance commercials. Hmmm... mayhem...

Brandi  – (December 8, 2010 at 9:17 PM)  

@Nancy - Teagan cracks me up! What a hoot. Sounds like you'll have a wonderfully wild Christmas with the family. Couldn't be better if you ask me. XOXO

@Colleen - Old Navy $4 can't beat it! I know you've bribed C and E before ;)

@BigDan - you are so right!!! Those commercials are hysterical. My favorite is the pink Hummer high school chick.

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